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I really want to love this game, I like the concept and the idea but so far its absolutely horrendous. The controls are bad, not being able to shift+lmb or ctrl+lmb is a pain in the butt. Not to mention the fact I cant get passed the ancient catacombs because I land 0 hits after 8 attempts and then get hit with 12 debuffs that end up insta killing me, it's really a shame maybe the balancing just isn't there or maybe I'm not understanding something but as of right now, I cant say its an enjoyable experience. I'm gonna keep trying and maybe some RNG gods will bless me through but I think its unlikely. EDIT : Ok, I'll admit Im stupid, Im editing this comment literally 10 minutes after the OG post, I didn't notice the modes (B) in the bottom right. I didn't realize there was a rest mode to regain my health and mana, I thought you had to use the ointments that only heal 3 health the whole time and hope for more or drink unidentified potions and hope for healing and not insta death. Hence the praying of the RNG gods. Im sorry, I do however still belive the inventory and pick up of items could be more polished. The Search Surroundings Skill is a nice touch and very nice for finding items that fly out of crates. Sorry for the initial hate I was just frustrated.