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Thank you, Gaeel! I don't have any plans to release on in the near future as I want to keep things simple for now. please go visit my Steam page. Thanks again!

I'll be experimenting with new weapons and weapon mechanics soon and I'll try out your suggestions.

I really would like more realistic weapon interactions, but at the same time I don't want to disrupt the flow of the game. It's a really hard balance!

I was thinking of eventually adding melee stealth attacks like neck snapping for humans and wire-pulling for robots but that might be a while off for now.

Thanks for the comments and feedback!!

Sorry for the super late reply - it's been over a week :/

Thanks for the vid!

You wouldn't believe the stress I went through when it wasn't working but had already announced the demo was available. 2 days of smashing my head against the keyboard and the issue was fixed. At least it was a learning experience! Thanks for the message and sorry for the late reply :)

Thanks for the suggestion, but money won't help me go faster. Even if I had enough money to quit my job, I can't quit for a bunch of complicated reasons (just yet, anyway). Eventually the dream is to be a full time dev but that dream is still a long way off.

Time, though! I wish I had more. I'll get it done as fast as I can!!

Thanks again!


Thanks for the encouragement!

And about your bullet idea; the bullets do move faster! It was added in this update. Well, Easy Mode and Medium Mode is the same as before, but all enemy bullets move at double the speed on Hard Mode.

Do you think they should go even faster?

Thanks for the video. Looking at your upload, I'm starting to regret the quick disappear times on the item drops. Will extend those.

I think limiting the number of high-level enemies per room would help when bad RNG strikes. Will fix that!

Great feedback!

Steam version is finally working if you're interested :)

Sorry tomboy, it's getting very late here and I still haven't received word so I have to go to bed. I will check first thing in the morning!

OK! I've been refreshing the Steam page and checking my emails constantly all day hoping for a fix. I think it's still early morning in America so it's not their fault, though. It's already 9:30pm where I live so hopefully it won't take too much longer.


Good spotting; I had a feeling something has gone wrong with Appids. Appid 615960 is the 'demo' and Appid 615120 is the page for the (currently non-existent) full game. For some reason the store wants to display 615120 (not released) when you click on 615960. Hopefully someone at Valve can help when office hours have started again. My big "Steam debut" has been a total disaster so far! :P

I just noticed your edit. Don't worry, I'm glad you took the time to tell me about an issue as soon as you found it!

And thank you! The community feedback from people like yourself has had a huge impact on compound and on me personally.

Sorry to keep you waiting! Let me know what you think!

I know - it's stressing me out. I must have done something stupid to break the Steam page. I sent Valve am email; hopefully they can help me out.

Thank you very much DrawMaster! I just uploaded a new version that should fix the issues you were having: the robot's engines are make noise so you can hear them behind doors now, and the doors have been totally reworked to have better cover.

Falling though the floor should also be much less likely now as I patched up a lot of holes.

There are now 3 difficulty options that do change things like reaction times and enemy bullet speeds. Easy is much easier than before, and hard is a fair jump in difficulty up, too.

Please give the new version a go and let me know what your thoughts are.

Thank you! And it is on Steam, (just uploaded it a few hours ago) but the download page isn't working. I just sent Valve an email asking them to fix whatever it is I've broken.

Done! You'll have to download it here for now as even though I finally got it on Steam, I've managed to break the steam download page somehow and no-one can view it. Thanks for your patience!

In preparation for release of the new update, I'm doing a few things I've never done before. Some things were way easier than expected, but other things were more complicated than I expected. I'm still aiming for Monday American time but things will probably slip a day or two; hopefully not but I'll give it my best attempt. I've learnt a valuable lesson: saying the most optimistic release date is a bad idea. Next time I'll try to under-promise and over-deliver instead of the other way around.

After it's out I'll be working on a quick mini-update to add some much needed options for locomotion, left handedness, comfort, etc. I'll try to do that as quickly as possible because I want to get back to adding content like new weapons, enemies, maps, etc. It's about time we saw some new weapons and enemy types.

Overall this update took a long time for a number of reasons including a hospital visit and a broken Vive and a few surprises in my personal life but productivity is back up and hopefully that means the updates will come faster, too.

Big thanks to everyone who visits this page all the time and leaves comments, and thanks again for your patience and putting up with the delayed updates.

Sure! Also, I'm pretty sure I've missed out lots of other things but this is most of it:

- Pistol rebalance
* Pistol can overheat
* Pistol has heat indicator to avoid overheating
- Total sewer overhaul
* New rooms types
* Various objects in the room that can be used as cover and add visual flair
* Many cosmetic items attached to the walls to make things look different
* Improved map generation algorithm
* The location of the spawn room in now completely random
* Doors have more cover for better firefights
- Total audio overhaul
* Audio feedback for picking up new magazines
* Enemy soldiers yell when they see you
* Bullets emit sound with doppler effect
* Enemy soldiers have heavy footstep sounds; you can hear them coming
* Robots have engine sounds and emit smoke; you can hear them coming and see them better
* Lots more audio cues to make the player more aware of what is happening around them
- Difficulty options
* Easy mode: Deal double damage
* Easy mode: Get 5 health instead of 3
* Easy mode: Item drops twice as likely
* Normal mode: Same as before
* Hard mode: Bullets move twice as fast
* Hard mode: Item drops half as likely
* Steak!
* Cherry pie!
* Vodka!
- Most objects including dead bodies can be picked up and thrown around
* Picked up objects can be used as a shield (but only once)
- Better splash screen
- Lots more I've probably forgotten!

- Improved instructions
- Enemies (esp. robot) get stuck on corners less
- Removed confusing ambient door opening sound effect
- Made SMG magazine orientation more obvious
- Made it easier to pickup magazine item drops
- Lots more I've probably forgotten or too minor to mention!

What I'm working on now:
- Make critical hits clear to the player
- Items despawn, blink before disappearing
- Enemy A.I. tweaks
- (new bug) The minimap has holes in it sometimes :(
- Small cosmetic tweaks to new room types
- Renderer for left controller sometimes turns itself off
- More realistic booze drinking

Bug fixes:
- Fixed soldiers phasing into walls when kneeling
- Fixed particles effects remaining on weapons after map reset
- SMG reloads on map reset
- Fix being able to teleport out of level in tunnels (some exploits still possible on some roof areas)
- Fix robots going crazy/glitching when driving over dead bodies
- Fix the gap in the soldier's hitbox between their head and chest

Known bugs:
- Some teleport exploits still possible on some roof areas
- Enemy soldiers sometimes play walk animation on the spot after player dies
- Player can still eat hamburgers after death
- Player can still open doors after death
- Bullet sound cuts out if bullet immediately hits something after being fired
- Player can shoot / teleport through walls if they put their hand through objects

llama I'm sorry just hold on a little longer! And thank you so much for saying that, you are awesome

See my edited reply ...

(1 edit)

Almost certainly yes (fingers crossed!)

EDIT: Dammit! It's done but I can't release until Monday for reasons. Also, I thought it was Thursday today because I am an idiot. It's a shame because it would have been nice to release today... at least this gives me the weekend to clear up any last minute bugs and to look for problems. Sorry!!!!!

Nearly there! Also scroll down for another screenshot of the modified pistol.

Added overheating to the pistol just now!

Hi again! I see your wall of text and raise you my own wall of text!

Thanks for the huge feedback. I pretty my agree with everything you've said. There is a lot here so I talk about each point, one at a time:

-Robots deal to much damage at close range (they are fine at medium to long range though, but it's kind of hard to shoot their side cameras)

Duly noted! The original idea was to not let them get close in the first place, but the map out layout made that hard. The spaces are slightly more open in the upcoming version, and the doors are different, so again it might be easier to keep your distance. I'll have to tweak and balance things as I go.

-Not enough hamblurgers (I fondly remember being super lucky on a run and getting two hamblurgers in one game)

The upcoming version has difficulty settings, and these affect drop rates. Again, might need tweaking, though.

-Rooms seem pretty boring (I heard this is getting fixed in the next update)

Fixed! Can't wait to show them off

-Soundtrack... Every once in a while there is this sound in the soundtrack and it sounds like a door swinging or something, and it makes me really paranoid that there is an enemy sneaking around me and opening the doors or something like that

It's a randomly playing ambient sound, but yeah, this was a bad design choice on my part. I fixed this, too.

-Music, currently only one of the musics from speedBlack are in the game right now

There will be a different track for each floor of the game. The current version has you playing the first level over and over, but later you will progress through different environments with different music. The new update is actually done - I just have to do some tweaking and other chores before I can release it but once it's out I'll get to work on the next floor of the compound.

-SMG, the smg should really deal more damage to robots, it's almost impossible to hit their cameras with it.

The SMG is supposed to be a spray and pray close combat weapon and is intentionally crap at anything other than medium-close range. There are only 2 weapons in the game now, but soon I'll add more accurate types of weapons, explosive weapons, grenades, etc. and it should fit into its niche a bit better in the weapon loadout. All the weapons are bound to get all sorts of buffs and debuffs as I go along until I find a good balance.

-Pistol, the only nerf I think the pistol actually needs is just a bit less firing speed, the infinite clip is fine to me, but the button spam gets a bit annoying to use, and the spam is the only reason that it's overpowered.

I agree. I was thinking of a overheating mechanic or something to limit the spamming. Haven't done this yet.

-Teleporting, it's just awful, I tried to do a teleportation challenge once, it did not work out.

Yeah I had been neglecting teleport. It' s much better with cover and more open doorways, now. I played a few rounds teleport only and it seemed to go OK.

-Locomotion system, it may be super cool, but when I first started playing this game I felt like I was going to throw up afterwards, but after using the locomotion for a while I no longer feel like I may decorate my room with the hamblurger I just ate

I won't be changing this but I will add alternative options later (e.g. 'onward' style). Artificial locomotion is just something some have no problem with, others are OK once they get used to it, and it seems there is a fairly large group of the community who never gets used to it. That's why I believe there should be a range of options so people can choose to play in the way that's most comfortable to them. My problem is that I just forget to playtest teleportation. Should be better now, though.

-Soldiers, the soldiers are way too sneaky, but it seems like there is going to be footsteps in a future update so that won't be a problem anymore

Definitely. But this has been fixed - now when they see you they yell out, and they have heavy footstep sounds to let you know if they are walking around the corner. Also, bullets emit their own sound so it you a quick enough you can dodge them from the sound alone. Robots also emit smoke from their pipes and the rattling of their engines are audible enough you can hear them behind doors and thin walls.

-Steam, NotDead said he would move this game to steam, that might be good, but it would make it harder to communicate with him, maybe a new Subreddit might be in order?

I was just putting together the steam page today. dont worry, I won't abandon just yet, though! I will keep both updated.

-Hamblurgers again, a recent post says that the Hamblurger might not be made with real meat/food, I find it unsettling to eat something that I don't know the contents of. (this statement is obviously a joke, but maybe a secret ingredients list could be found on a crate or something as a little easter egg.)

Who knows!? Only the evil masterminds at The Corporation!! They will never reveal their secret recipe!

You are right about the movement system being not entirely original. It's very similar to the movement system from Vertigo (great game BTW!) I subscribed to your YT channel BTW - look forward to seeing more videos. About money - TBH I do plan to make a paid-for version of compound eventually, but that's a while away from now once it is more mature, and there will always be a free version to download and play without DRM.

Anyway, wall of text over. Thanks again and goodnight (day?) to you too!

Oh, I never thought of that issue before. Outright banning teleport will make the game unplayable for people who get motion sickness easily. Maybe seperate them?

And I look forward to adding all sorts of new ways to murder you! :)

Thank you for taking the time to upload this video for me. This will be fixed soon! :D Please continue the great work and tell me about anything else you stumble across in this or future updates.

Have a great day!

Thank you very much! Hopefully the upcoming update will add some much needed variety. It won't be long until I can get to work on new weapons, enemies and maps. And the 'ping!' was inspired by those old WWII rifles.

And about the burgers - it doesn't say explicitly anywhere that the burgers are made from real meat. It's a dystopian future so you can use your imagination. Maybe it's lab grown or maybe all food is reconstituted protein made too look like familiar 20th century foods? Maybe in this future eating real meat was outlawed because it wasn't economically sustainable?

The upcoming update (and most of the ones after) will add little world building details that show you what kind of future this is. The story will never be explicitly explained, though, only hinted at though objects in the world, so you can imagine the world outside the compound walls to be whatever you like (and it saves on development time! :P)

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Have a good one!

Thank you! Sorry there isn't some kind of notification system -the upcoming version will be integrated with Steam and should autoupdate so hopefully that will make things easier

That is some intense trigger pulling! :)

Hello! Of course I know QuiVr - I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who *hasn't* heard of QuiVr!

And thank you very much; It means a lot to hear compliments from a successful VR dev like yourself. :D

My user name on Reddit is 'gennoveus'. Feel free to message me there!

Thank you! Excellent bug hunting. This will be fixed for the next update, but there are sure to be new bugs. If you find any, please let me know. I never thought of doing something like this! Thanks again!

Nice! Are you ready for hard mode? Should only be another week or 2 now! I can't wait to show off the difficulty menu; it's so stupid I love it.

Ouch! Pretty harsh, but you have some valid points worth addressing.

First, please know that this game is a response to the majority of VR games on the market now that are very 'casual.' Some of my favourite games can be classified as casual, but at the same time I wanted to play something targeted at 'hardcore' gamers and nothing like that really existed so I started this project. That being said, game balancing is hard and this is still a prototype. Some things are going to change. Let's go over some of your feedback:

- enemies have 0 second reaction time

I can see how you would think that as the reaction times are short. The soldiers have to face you and raise their arms up to you before they can start shooting. The robots have an even longer reaction time of 1.5 seconds of their first time seeing you, and about half that on subsequent times. I have difficulty setting implemented in my dev build but at the moment easy difficulty just gives you more health (5 hearts instead of 3). Increased reaction times have been added to my TODO list for easy mode.

- enemies have perfect aim

Robots have perfect aim but the humans actually have poor, randomized aim. Bullet also move slowly so you can dodge them. (For those players who wanted an ever harder version: bullets in hard mode move at double speed!)

- enemies have a lot of health

Robots have A LOT of health, true. But! Shooting them in the cameras deals TRIPLE damage and they will do down in about 5 shots. Soldiers will die with one shot to the head. I may make robots weaker for easy mode.

- the smg takes too long to reload to be useful

This is a subjective thing so I cannot say that you are wrong, however; with practice my friends, my wife, and I are all able to reload in battle without needing to look, provided you play the game for a while to get the muscle memory for it.

- health doesn't spawn nearly as often as smg ammo, which I don't use anyway

Fair enough. Easy mode will also add more pickups. On the same note, hard mode will make drops less common.

- there's almost no cover

True! This is an issue in the currently available public build but the new version I'm about to release has cover all over the place. Hopefully this will be an improvement.

- dying means starting all over

Correct! This game will be a permadeath roguelike, eventually. Unfortunately it lacks a lot of the other roguelike elements so at the moment it might seem very harsh.

- chaparone doesn't seem to work in this game

Really? That sounds like a bug, I've never heard of this happening on anyone else's system. What HMD are you using? I would like to fix that issue as it sounds game-breaking.

- Adding walkabout locomotion might be nice too.

Artificial locomotion works with the grip controllers, and other movement options will come in an update (onward style controls + configurable buttons)

Maybe try again after the next update?

Thank you!

About multiplayer ... maybe eventually? Coop would be fun and deathmatch could work, too. It depends on a lot of factors, but TBH finishing a single player campaign with a full range of weapons, enemies, maps, abilities, and bosses is my first priority.

It's high on my list of "nice to have but not sure about" features.

Thanks for the video! Sorry about the dudes clipping into the walls; should be fixed by the next update. BTW, if you are having trouble with the robots: shoot their side cameras for triple damage! They go down pretty quickly.

Looking at your video makes me realize how much my version of the game has changed since the last release. The levels aren't repetitive like this anymore - I'm aiming to release the next version the weekend after this upcoming one.

Thank you!

Awwwww, you guys! You are awesome.

Thank you!!

The update is coming very soon! All I need to do now is add the long promised difficulty settings, enemy footstep and aggro sounds, do a few housekeeping tasks, and squash 7 bugs.

The sewer maps have had a total overhaul and are pretty much done for now. Once the current update is finished, I'll start work on the next level with new enemies and weapons to play with. :D