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You do you, but I like the pitch-based menu system, plus, if you were ever to consider it, you're already partway to VR integration that way, I'm guessing.

Just wanted to say my six-year-old and I loved this game . Only had two parts we got stuck on, getting the cube to the apse (which was clever), and figuring out two of the colors after that (couldn't figure out a clue/hint for 2 and 8, so we guessed it was the one color not used).

Great game, though! Even though it's a linear thing, my son already wants to play it again.

Well, that was fun; did see a bug, though; after taking the note from the agent, there was a key on the ground. I noticed that the agent was a hotspot, still, so I tagged it and... it melted away and dropped the key on the ground. I guess the key's not supposed to spawn until after you've dismissed the agent?