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My computer died shortly after that first message while I was editing the video. It is currently in a shop getting fixed. Should either release this week or at most next week. I'll link it here whenever it does though.

I recorded this for YouTube and it was a pain at first with the camera but once you get through the maze it gets way easier. The puzzles made you think or just brute force test it which I kinda didn't like because that is how I did a majority of them. Other than that was very well done and made a good indie horror game. Great job.

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I played through it while recording for YouTube and have some things to say. Firstly the stamina is infinite even though the bars deplete so you are never really in any danger. Secondly the robots seem to disappear or something because after a certain point they aren't visible but you can hear and see the lasers plain as day. The story just plops you down without knowing anything about a backstory or anything. I see potential and was a decent little game to play. Good job.

This demo was far more than what I was expecting. The colors, graphics, sounds, and atmosphere all came together so well and made this so much more enjoyable. Here's a video of my playthrough if you're interested


Recorded this game for my YouTUbe channel and it was very fun to try and figure out all the endings and story simultaneously. Good job on this and hope to see more great games.

I just finished recording this for my YouTube channel Nickscalibur and it was a fun little game to play to toy with. Having to outsmart the monsters and learn some of the best paths was fun. Only thing to complain about is the game force closes itself at the end when you reach the bed. Good job on this though.

I just finished recording this for my YouTube channel Nickscalibur and it was a fun little game to play. Some minor things to say about it: The sounds were amazing and implemented really well(especially the ending song), the mechanic was fun to learn how to play with, and the most MAJOR GAME BREAKING BUG WAS FOUND. If you don't pick up the camera the monster doesn't spawn. No idea if this is intentional or not though. Good job though.

I'm a simple man. I see pewdiepie reference I download.

I used to play this game all the time back in the day. Awesome to see that it's coming to steam and getting updates. Definitely going to have to start playing again.

Cool game to play to try and find everything. Only problem is I couldn't find them all. Other than that was fun to play.

Really great concept for a game, and  if made into a full game I'd definitely buy it.

Ah that was the first word I tried but it was lowercase. Thank you so much.

I'm in the area with the text lock and I have been typing words for about 20 minutes. Mayhaps I can receive a hint for this lock?

I left a whole part of my video dedicated to saying what I like and didn't like if you want to watch it, but summed up I liked it for a demo and it looks like it can become something awesome. Full video will come out in the next few days on my channel called Nickscalibur.

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This demo was awesome. The graphics were dope and the environment was creepy while playing. I'll have a video up on my Youtube, Nickscalibur, in the next couple of days.

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Fun game to play and read through. I'm now a full fledged member of the church now though.... But great job, and i'll have a video of one of my playthroughs on my YouTube channel Nickscalibur tomorrow.

Enjoyed the game(besides finding the key lol) but it was kinda confusing since I've never watched black mirror. Other than that it was exactly waht a horror game should feel and sound like. Great Job, and here's the video.

Just finished the game and I have never been so confused with a plot. Awesome game otherwise though ๐Ÿ˜„.

Here's the video, hope you enjoy.

Hope there will be future updates for this game because I love the creepy vibes and the game as a whole so far. I loved watching youtubers play the original one back when I was a kid, but now that I'm starting my own YouTube channel I finally get to experience some of it. I'll have a video out on March 24 or 25 on my channel called Nickscalibur. Great Job!

This game was challenging at first put after a few minutes of learning it turned out to be really fun. Only critique is I wish you could move faster instead of running diagonally for speed boost. I'll have a short video of my play through on my YouTube channel Nickscalbur tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚. 

Sorry for the late upload but some stuff came up. Anyway here's the video ๐Ÿ™‚.

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I played this game because my friend said it had a cool art style and was fun to play and my god he wasn't wrong. The story so far is just convoluted enough to keep you questioning but also understandable enough to piece it together. I love how the levels change the surroundings and how there are several different stages to play through. One thing I don't like is the flipping and reversing of the screen and characters but that's because I  suck at those kind of levels. Other than that I love this game so far and will be uploading a play-through to my YouTube channel Nickscalibur starting March 7. 

edit:Added Video ๐Ÿ™‚

Here's the video!

Ohhhhh. I really should of thought about that. Interesting concept and ideas for a game though.

I don't know if I missed something or what but once you enter the second floor there is nothing to do. I've spent about 15 minutes interacting with doors, and every spot on the wall trying to figure this out an nothing. Some help plz.

I downloaded this game to post on my YouTube channel Nickscalibur but my brother say me playing and we ended up playing it for like an hour straight and I got no recording done since it is so simplistic but a lot of fun coming up with new ways to win. If I do post some gameplay it'll probably be about a 5 minute-ish video of me by myself. Great job for only having a week to make it :)) .

This game was fun and challenging for how short it is. It was extremely difficult until I learned the lamp can go off and on. The entire process of making monsters follow you so you can run around was an excellent idea that I know will remind many of their childhood fears.I'll have a YouTube video of on my channel,Nickscalibur either February 16 or 17th, 

That sounds amazing. I'll definitely be on the lookout.

Part 3 of the play through just went up. It would have came yesterday but my wifi was down all day.

Here's part 1. Part 2 comes out on the 8th ๐Ÿ™‚.

Sweet, can't wait!

I finally finished editing all 4 parts of the playthrough for this game and I can honestly say this was an awesome game that offers an experience most other don't. The music was amazing(especially the credits song), the characters and story were so well flushed out(even though the ends are kinds confusing),  and the whole overall story was a blast. Keep it up! Part 1 of the series will go up on my Youtube channel Nickscalibur on February 6. 

Okay besides in my video as I played I never gave an actual critique of this game. So since a new update is here I figure why not.

note*: These lists are made by having imported old save into new game so some may be inaccurate for new games.

note2*: I mean no hate or ill will towards developers with critiques. I only wish to give positive and negative feedback to let them know how if they want to, to improve or fix minor/major problem in their games to make it more enjoyable.

What I like about the game play --------------------------

1. The addition of enemy health bars.

2. The animations look amazing(I don't know if they're default ones or self made so I won't assume)

3. Has a developing story and plot you can piece together with the interesting characters found in the game. 

4. You know regain 1 Ar per turn. If you watch my videos you see it is a challenge fighting with any especially against the bosses and monsters found throughout the floors. 

5. The combat system seems to have gotten balanced. Before this update essence absorption was 3 Ar which meant I could spam the hell out of it. Now it seems fair at 5.

6. The graphics and sprites of all the people and monsters look more developed and polished.

7. This new engram upgrade tablets.

What I like as a whole--------


2. The post carnage screen.

3. I now fear chickens.

4. The fact that you can either explore the area and get upgraded gear or rush in and fight everything.

5. Jeffrey before hes hungry.

What I don't Like---------------------

1. Without grinding smaller units or stocking up on loads of morphine it is practically impossible to kill the bosses.

2. With only a few weapons so far you have to depend on Caelus and Physical attacks more than you should. With  a game depending on how you interact with the environment and characters there should be more than 1 way to play.

3. Some enemies (such as crawlers) will used  attacks repeatedly in a row forcing you to heal, then they hit you with one of their strongest moves basically negating the healing and forcing a lose unless you have overheal. But you do get stronger weapons and upgrades when killing the monster so this may just be me being bad at games.

I really like this new update and the whole vent travel system added with all the reworks. I will have a video up probably on February 7 if all goes well . Great job and hope this game gets picked up more people to allow it grow and become one that is remembered for years and is nostalgic to play after finding it again.

Sorry for taking so  but as described in the email here is the . This was great game to play and to kill time  your bored, even though it shows a very dark moment in the world.

I'm at the doll room right now recording for my YouTube channel and this game is just the right amount of spooky and fun without overdoing the spooks with jump scares or taking away the fun with difficult puzzles. Great Job and hope you keep making more games! 

Thanks for the support!

Here's part 1 of he playthrough part 2 comes tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜€

Sweet. Looking forward to it.

Hey I saw this was updated a few hours ago, so will the player be able to go to floor 4 now or was it more of a bug fix update?