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The pictures remind me of Rusty Lake games. Definitelyplaying this!

Recorded this for a video and it was amazing. The puzzles were straightforward and simple, there was a clear course of action, the atmosphere was great. AMAZING I SAY! Only thing I critique is flagging the videos does nothing. After beating I replayed and wished there was a path for flagging the videos instead of cooperating. Other than that amazing game.

This sounds like an awesome idea for a game definitely downloading now!

So you took the backrooms story and completely changed it?

This was an awesome game that really puts you in the place of the playable character. The lack of sight mixed with the sounds allowed you to be susceptible to the jump scares. Only problem I had with the game was the endings which were very confusing trying to think through them. Great job. 

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I just got done recording this for a video on my YouTube channel and it was a great game. The plot flowed smoothly, the puzzles weren't hard at all, and the sound effects+visuals made it way better. Only criticism is both the endings seem to eventually lead to the same fate of humanity. Besides that great job.

edit:added part 1 of video.

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I recorded this game and it was awesome. The music and atmosphere merged amazingly, the monsters weren't too much of a hindrance. The only problem I found was a giant unloaded floor in the middle of the second floor. Also one quick question. Is there more than one ending by using the piano? If you don't want to message me here on it you can dm me on twitter @nickscalibur. Anyway, awesome game and hope to see more from you.

edit:added video :).

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This shows a lot of promise but in its current state it is practically broken. The killer gets stuck in door frames, just stop moving randomly, kills you through doors, there is a bug where your model is still on the outside while your hiding(only occurs sometimes) and the killer still kills it thus killing you. I hate to sound mean especially when you worked hard on this but there are a lot of flaws. These flaws took a lot out the demo and made it aggravating/tedious after about 50+ attempts before winning due to bugs and not errors on your part. Hope to see it improved and made better one day. 

edit: Added a video showcasing some of the bugs and glitches that happen in the game.

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I recorded this for a video on YouTube and the only bad thing I can say about this game is the ending(no spoilers). The music&sounds mixed with the lack of sight created a tense and spooky atmosphere that fit the game really well. Great job.

edit: added video :)

This was an awesome demo for the game. It made you learn how the monsters work and how to avoid them. It offers a big map to explore and find everything you can. Granted I couldn't finish it but it was still and blast and reminded me a lot of SCP containment breach. I really hope this is finished one day. Great Job.

I know its been ~2 months but I finally got the video up. If you want to check it out it can be found here.

This was an awesome demo. The places to visit gave you just enough little hints and lore bits for you to try and solve the mystery but also to keep guessing and progressing the game. The music fit well inside the game and made the whole atmosphere creepy and suspenseful in places. Great Job and hope to see this finished one day.

This was a great little demo to play and try to understand the plot of it. You get introduced to many things and challenges to overcome in the short playtime it has. Hope to see it finished one day 😊.

Well I just spent an hour of time playing this. Great Job dude.

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This was an awesome game to play and win. The only problems I had were the screen is incredibly dark even with the light on. Also the chef moves way too fast while you move very slow. You can get around this by semi-memorizing this starting point and movements which help but if he sees you even after this it is still game over. Good job though and hope to see more games in the future.

Was a fun game that reminded me of the original doom with much less difficulty. The only problem I encountered was not being to pacifist the game since the route to the exit is too long. Great job.

Sorry for being late but some stuff came up. Good job though.

I just finished recording this for my YouTube channel Nickscalibur and it was a fun little game to play. Some minor things to say about it: The sounds were amazing and implemented really well(especially the ending song), the mechanic was fun to learn how to play with, and the most MAJOR GAME BREAKING BUG WAS FOUND. If you don't pick up the camera the monster doesn't spawn. No idea if this is intentional or not though. Good job though. 

Gotcha. Will send it soon.

This is been a fun game so far except I can not for the life of me figure out where to go. I have the lantern, and holy water. The three girls are in the lake, the piano needs a key and there is no obvious way forward. I have investigated practically every room using all three items I have and still nothing. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

My computer died shortly after that first message while I was editing the video. It is currently in a shop getting fixed. Should either release this week or at most next week. I'll link it here whenever it does though.

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I recorded this for YouTube and it was a pain at first with the camera but once you get through the maze it gets way easier. The puzzles made you think or just brute force test it which I kinda didn't like because that is how I did a majority of them. Other than that was very well done and made a good indie horror game. Great job.

edit: Inserted video.Sorry for this so late but it was still an awesome game.

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I played through it while recording for YouTube and have some things to say. Firstly the stamina is infinite even though the bars deplete so you are never really in any danger. Secondly the robots seem to disappear or something because after a certain point they aren't visible but you can hear and see the lasers plain as day. The story just plops you down without knowing anything about a backstory or anything. I see potential and was a decent little game to play. Good job.

This demo was far more than what I was expecting. The colors, graphics, sounds, and atmosphere all came together so well and made this so much more enjoyable. Here's a video of my playthrough if you're interested


I just finished recording this for my YouTube channel Nickscalibur and it was a fun little game to play to toy with. Having to outsmart the monsters and learn some of the best paths was fun. Only thing to complain about is the game force closes itself at the end when you reach the bed. Good job on this though.

I'm a simple man. I see pewdiepie reference I download.

I used to play this game all the time back in the day. Awesome to see that it's coming to steam and getting updates. Definitely going to have to start playing again.

Really great concept for a game, and  if made into a full game I'd definitely buy it.

Ah that was the first word I tried but it was lowercase. Thank you so much.

I'm in the area with the text lock and I have been typing words for about 20 minutes. Mayhaps I can receive a hint for this lock?

I left a whole part of my video dedicated to saying what I like and didn't like if you want to watch it, but summed up I liked it for a demo and it looks like it can become something awesome. Full video will come out in the next few days on my channel called Nickscalibur.

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This demo was awesome. The graphics were dope and the environment was creepy while playing. I'll have a video up on my Youtube, Nickscalibur, in the next couple of days.

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Fun game to play and read through. I'm now a full fledged member of the church now though.... But great job, and i'll have a video of one of my playthroughs on my YouTube channel Nickscalibur tomorrow.

Enjoyed the game(besides finding the key lol) but it was kinda confusing since I've never watched black mirror. Other than that it was exactly waht a horror game should feel and sound like. Great Job, and here's the video.

Just finished the game and I have never been so confused with a plot. Awesome game otherwise though 😄.