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I absolutely love the story line, honestly one of the best I've ever played through. In some sense I really feel Zack's character speak to me because I'm also spacey and afraid of being out and honestly his high school experience is damn near similar as mine when it comes to my social experience. I started out watching chrizstorm sometime a year ago and going through this game myself, it's really was inspiring. I can't wait for the next updates !! Keep up the good work !!

jaja is 13 and mc is 18

lil weird age gape and I haven't reached the end but i don't like how it's implied you can kiss/date a 13 year old whilst being legal,,

i kept laughing through out it its amazing

Did you downlod it?

i bloody died laughing at the hamilton refrences!!

this game is amazing and the art is great as well. I absolutely enjoyed it.

what the bloody hell did i just witness? this game is amazing ngl

Ngl It was incredibly short, but simple and nice to play through. I was hoping that there was more to Aelius and Fabian though. The art is amazing as well. It was short, but I enjoyed it.

thank you, i dont think i tried those before. i know hes an actor but it just seems like mc is a nuisance tbh

Okay, I've had this game for idk 2 weeks at the most. I have managed to get Carlos, Jake, and Dan's route, both good and bad endings. The thing that bugs me is that I have been trying to get James's route and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. The first couple days I had it, I pinned for him but then I stopped and tried to go for the other LIs. And I am playing the game now as we speak and i still can't figure out James's route. help??

is the ending just continuous song playing or