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A member registered Jul 25, 2018

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First off, I love the concept of this game and had to get it myself but sadly I ran into many errors while playing. 

Many, many times I would not be able to jump onto platforms, I have to jump like crazy for a long time to finally manage getting onto anything or I'd be stuck in the ground a bit that I can't jump high enough to move on. 

Then there is that room where you create those light bridges where the first one would work kinda fine, then suddenly the light bridge turns just a black line that brings me into nowhere so I'm not able to get to the next  puzzle part and there the game becomes unplayable as I also can't go back.

The stone puzzles seems to not work for me at all past the first stone, nothing happening no matter what I try to sing or do.

And the thing that bothers me the most is that there just is no save in this game, if the game crashes or I give up because I can't go on anymore, I'll always have to do everything from the beginning which can be a bit tiring after the 25th time or so.

I've reinstalled the game 2 times already but the problems still occurs and it's really such a shame cause I really am interested in this game with the design and all, even donated a bit of the money I could spare.

Maybe one day it'll work for me, maybe after some bug fixes or such but until then I guess I can only wait.