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Hello! I have added the Mac version now. Please give it a go! :D

Still, I can't provide support for the Mac version if something goes wrong. But the demo version has been working fine, so maybe the full version works fine too? I hope so anyway.

Thank you for buying! ;u; <3

edit: spelling

Hello! And thank you for playing! :D
I've made a guide for the demo version of Jack's good ending. You can check it out HERE.
Hope it helps!

You've disabled messages from people who you don't follow, but if you send me a message, I can still message you a reply. I followed you, so go ahead and say hello (or follow me and I can message you myself) :D On my profile page (under the profile picture and text) is a "message" button. Sorry this is so complicated haha!

Do you have a twitter or discord or something where I could pm you a steam key? :D 

Haha, surprise! And thank you very much!! :D I hope you enjoy it! 

Thank you very much! :D I'm so happy you like it!

If I end up needing a Polish translator, I will remember you!

I see we share a love for bad flute/recorder music, hahah!
Thank you very much for your compliments. Makes me feel all happy! Especially since you've plaid for so many hours. :D

Yes you may! I have made guides for all the endings just today! You can check them out HERE.

Thank you for your kind words and support! ;u;
I've had others say they have difficulties with some endings too. But fear not, I've just finished guides for all the endings! They are HERE!

Thank you very much!!! :D

Did you happen to have all the endings already visible in the gallery? There was a problem with that, and it's been fixed. But if you downloaded the game BEFORE the fix, you might still have it. If you do, please re-download the game and follow the instructions written HERE

I will help if you have any difficulties. Sorry about the hassle!! >n<

Of course if you don't mind everything being unlocked right from the get-go, you don't have to do anything hahah!

Sorry for all the typos! I hope it was still easy enough to read. I also hope it wasn't too obvious English is my second language lol.

Thank you very much for checking out my NaNoReNo! I'm glad you liked it! :D

I've written down the correct answers to get a romance end with Jack. 
You can read it here if you want.  :D

 Jack doesn't like being coddled. You're better off picking fights and being disagreeable. But he still expects you to be loyal too.

I hope that helps! If not, let me know and I'll try to give better tips haha! :D

Yes there is! :D He is a tricky one indeed.

I've enjoyed this so far! The mood was nice, and the music fit well. 

Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. :D

Ahh!! Thank you so much!! I've been pretty nervous about all this, but reading your comment has gotten me all excited again! Thank you! :D <3

Yes I am! Kind of. I'm making an extended edition of this game. :D
It'll have more story, new route and love interest! And it's currently triple the length and growing.

Thank you so much! Always makes me happy to hear someone likes my work. <3

Haha, yeah the first one is a bit tricky. Congrats on getting all the endings! :D

I've included a Mac version now. But since I don't own a Mac myself, I can't test it nor support it if it doesn't work. I hope it works though! Please let me know how it goes :D

Congrats on getting all the endings! :D

I'm happy you enjoyed yourself. Thank you so much for playing and for your kind feedback! <3

I'm glad to have aided you in your self-discovery lol!

Thank you very much! I'm really happy you've enjoyed my work. <3

Oh my, in one sitting! :D I'm so glad you liked it!!

You can get more of the story sooner or later. I'm making an extended edition and it's already double the length of this one (and growing ohoho!) 

Thank you for playing, and for your kind words! <3

Oh my goodness! Thank you for playing and for your kind words! I'm very happy you liked it! <3

I almost feel like making some sort of guide for the endings, but on the other hand I wonder if that would kill the fun y'know? Tricky tricky.

You... You're...



I was under the false impression visual novels were all raunchy stories, but then I saw your works while browsing itchio, and was so delighted! The art! The cuteness! It made me want to take my writings and turn them into a visual novel too.

So now we're here. Hahaha....

I'm super happy you liked it. Thank you very much! <3

Thank you for waiting and playing! I'm glad you liked it! :D

The fact that you enjoy my writing makes me especially happy! I've been very shy about sharing my stories, but now I feel a lot more at ease hahah! Thank you! <3

Thank you very much!!

Hearing people like my art always makes me happy!

I was expecting Jack's character to have a bit more mixed reception to be honest hahha! But so far no one has said they hated him yet. I'll take this as a good sign. :D

Ohoho I have indeed started working on the extended version.

Thanks again for your kind words!

That's a relief! Hahah!! Glad it turned out that way. Thank you!! :D

This was a really interesting concept!

And I really liked the back-and-forth between the trio. It was witty and amusing, until I found out where it all came from ;____; dsjkldjsas.... Then it was just... Oh man... Well I don't want to ruin it for anyone who reads this comment, so I'll leave it at that. My point is I liked this game quite a bit!

I got the good end first and went back for the bad one. I must say, I liked the bad one a lot! It was really fascinating to see how it all unfolded.

The GUI was good looking too. Overall, a very nice experience. Well done!

First I must admit I came here for the art hahah! But as I started the game up, I got sucked right in the story. It's got the right amount of everything. I really enjoyed myself.

 I meant to just try this out for a bit and continue later, but I just had to know what's going on!

Also I, too, fumbled my way ass backwards to the true ending. First the worst and then the bad one. Nice.


Thanks a bunch! I'm really glad you liked it! :D

Thank you very much!! :D

NaNoRenO was challenging for sure but here I am!

I'm so happy to know you enjoyed it. And I'm flattered you liked my art since yours is so wonderful ;u; <3

Hello!! And thank you very much! <3

I've decided to make an extended version! I hope steam won't be too difficult when it comes to paperwork and such hahahah... 

I'll give the discord some thought too! If I start one, I'll let you know. :D

Sure! Here:

- Jack could benefit from some tough love.

- With Bunny, things don't always have to go according to plan.

I hope that helps. Good luck! :D 


Thank you so much! This comment has made this whole project worth it! Oh my goodness!

Pay extra hmmmmmm??? Fancy you should say that since I am indeed seriously considering an extended version of this. Like for a dollar or two. The story would be the same, but it'd be more fleshed out and have a lot more scenes allowing for better character development. And there'd be a route for Sylvester too! >:D

Anyhow, thanks again! You've really made me so happy with your words. <3

I understand! I admit I cut every corner I could to get this done on time. lol... But since the extended version wouldn't have a deadline, I could take my time letting the story unfold on it's own pace without worrying "Oh crap! I won't have the time to code all this!"

If I should point out my biggest regret with this current one, it'd be in Jack's route. Like... He was supposed to be difficult and wary of you, but since I cut off so much of his scenes, he came off more like "LMAO MARION CHECK OUT ALL MUH SECRETS!!!1" hahahaha!!!!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, even with it being short! :D
I'm considering making an extended version with Sylvester being an added love interest too.
Then  I could sell the extended edition for
lol. Ahahaha. Just a thought for now.

Anyhow, thank you again! <3

I'm honestly considering making some sort of final version since a few people have mentioned wishing this was longer and wanting an ending for Sylvester. Hmm hmm hmm.... HMMM.... Thinking..... "buy an extended edition with a new love interest included!" Something like that... Hmmmm......

Thank you! I was working extra hard so I wouldn't let the forum people down hahaha! So  I'm super glad you ended up liking it!! AHH! <3

Thank you very much!! I'm so glad to read that! Your words really motivate me to keep on making games.  
I haven't got any social media except twitter (same handle as here). Even my twitter has been only for the nanoreno but since that's over, I suppose I could also start posting my art there... Hmmm... I'll think about it. :D
Thank you again. You've made my day! <3

Thank you so much! I hope the good endings make up for the bad ones, haha!!
You're the second one to ask about Sylvester. I'll keep this in mind. :D

AAHH! THANK YOU! I'm thrilled you like it and played all the endings too! :D