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Nathaniel Nelson

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Haven't finished playing yet, but this is an amazing amount of personal detail put into a free FMV game. I'm impressed. (Is Videodrome an inspiration?)

I like the concept but the gameplay wasn't obvious to figure out and the human AIs never did anything to stop me even after it would have been very obvious something was going on, making it easy and kinda dull to win... maybe that was a bug?

Anyway nice work for Ludum Dare!

Really cute aesthetic, and enjoyably wacky to play. Playing on my Mac, several screen elements weren't visible, but I was still able to beat the game.

(the health bar, the main menu title were both rendering offscreen because of some kind of resolution issue? Even though I tried several different resolutions)

I write game critique pieces on my website every once in a while. I'm thinking if I have time soon I might compare this to Downwell to write about what makes roguelikes fun. I'll let you know :)

I recently beat Downwell so naturally I had to give this a shot! It's a cute homage, I like how you used the 3-color palette.

If I had to make a criticism (which hopefully will help because it sounds like you're developing it further!) I felt like I got the hang of it really quickly and difficult wasn't really increasing when I set my high score about 1200m. Are you going to give it different levels and a boss like Downwell? :)