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I give up. I've worked so hard on my youtube just for it to get deleted by my mother. I don't know why she did that but I was honestly very angry. TWICE my youtube was deleted by my mother TWICE. I'm not trying anymore. I worked so hard on MythicalX just for it to get trashed just like Morphisis. I am also leaving too. I promise to you I'm not coming back. It's worth nothing. This place is already bad so I'm leaving it. Y'know I really don't understand why everyone on here has to be a total bully. Nobody has respect on this website. All y'all do is post porn, make death jokes, telling people to not exist anymore. If you have a problem with somebody talk it out with them instead of being mean to them and cussing them out. I've quit cussing as well. I use to do it but my mom got on me. I honestly respect her for doing that but I seriously don't for my youtube. I mean I get it I would delete my son/daughter's social media if I caught him or her cussing. My mother wants me to be a good child for her and maybe take care of her when she gets older. I don't care about this place anymore. I was going to stay on this website until I turned 13 but it's too late. As much as you want me to die just know this is making you look bad. Keep insulting people and making death threats will not further your career. You might think I'm talking bull and might say some random stuff but just know I am not wrong. I have a literal right to say what I want to say. If everybody else can do it I CAN. People can even get you on video tape insulting minors/children. Just because you hate them doesn't mean you have to be a bully towards them. They could be heartbroken of some random stranger told them to kill themselves. There is so much to live for in life and it hurts to see people getting bullied. If your still going to be rude online like cyber bullying your honestly not a good human-being. You need to learn how to show respect. We all have different opinions. WHO CARES if someone says sonic is from fnf. WHO CARES if someone likes boyfriend from fnf and you don't. You might think I'm cringe typing this and your probably going to laugh but I'm serious. I'm not joking around with you because you honestly need to start respecting people on here no matter how much you want them to die. Just stop this. (EDIT FROM 2 DAYS AGO) Also kreep I didn't learn about being rude to people online from folks on here. I learned it all throughout my life. My family cusses a lot and WHO CARES? I'm still going to know those bad words anyway when I grow older and they will get stuck into my head whenever I get angry or annoyed at something. But kreep is right about everything else. You guys need to respect others.

My last message before I leave this place. All I'm telling you is to be a good influence to people. You may never know what's going to happen to you if you mess with the wrong people. Like I said people can put you around social media and you'll get lots of hates for doing what you did.

Thank you for reading and have a good intensions. Goodbye.


there shall be no rapping in these premises

God I knew somebody was gonna say this. I never said I liked mr dweller I'm just saying it's messed up for y'all to be telling him to end his life.

It's cruel. Also his content needs to be changed.

nah it was the right thing to do

Y'know we still would have been together if Ethan never leaked my face.


It's a me smokedplant!


And who could they possibly be? changed. It's not the same.

finally not a corruption

No just because he posts some cringe ass content doesn't mean his life should end.

Man none of you have positivity in you.


What is up with you correcting people?

Shit ain't no spelling bee.


Didn't have to care. What I'm saying is y'all fuckers can't tell me to leave the site anymore when I'm 13.

I already fucking hate his content.

No nigga I'm about to be 13 in 5 months.

And I'm not wrong.

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you're changing!

tristan dad

algebra? do you mean feeroshush?

love that guy

I have a gift for you, come here.



Push it aside. I'm confident it's not him. If he was Milez he would've probably done another shitty raid again.