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very nice

the internet IS bad

i have a lot of work due in tomorrow and i have enough self restraint not to download and play this, but i do NOT have the restraint to stop myself procrastinating by writing this comment. 😬😬so here we are 

game looks really good, will play it after work is done 👌

Is this social commentary?



I don't think I've got a machine that's cool with DIrectx11 but, just saying, this is a really interesting idea and I love how the game looks

im scareed

have i just bought a virus

(1 edit)

Just repeating what I wrote with my rating:

Genuinely, the most I've enjoyed a game in ages. Every little design decision -- every aspect of the presentation, the music, the controls, the lovely writing -- is just *spot on*. I'll treasure this.

Good vibes

This is nice

Really good. Creepy, funny, unique, what more can ya ask for??

i am jealous and heartbrokenn :'(

Desktop versions please!!

I love this. Everything, all the visuals, the sound and the mechanics, it all serves the atmosphere just right. Perfect little game.

Aw thank you! I stupidly used a font nobody has, which is why you couldn't read any of the instructions lol sorry

thanks again

also great work with itch. it's already looking really promising, and when it does work (which is most of the time) it's a hell of a lot more convenient and easy than manual downloads :)

one last thing, what about browser games? itch tries to download them but just says they're 'broken'

okay thanks for the help!

thanks for responding!

the games that are affected are, and

also, that last one is a bundle of more than one game... so is there any way i can have itch show multiple launch buttons for the multiple executables? doesn't really matter since the games are shit, but it would be a cool feature anyway

wait how do i change which exe it opens? construct 2 exported all my games with a direct x installer, and that's what itch always launches :(