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really awesome everyone!

yes i did both the paths. lol i was just proud i even made it through the maze

what makes you say that?

awesome!!! so witty woah


this is so coooool!! AHHHH

so much fun gahd

i slayed the maze!!!


embarrassment is stupid, this is the best 

thank!! :3

ty onion onion onion boi <3333

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  RISE OF THE PUMPKINS ~~~ヽ(^◇^*)/

holy heck

you could just make a series of bunny n cat reviewing albums at this point, it'd be grand

such a nice color scheme!!

thanks!!! :3

so nice!! :3 love the audio too~

woah heckity frick this is nice. i love it

cute ^_^

aaa pretty clouds alsooo i smiled a couple times too :3 

thanks! i've used hats before n i think i'll continue doing it bc it's very useful (also she talked to me, i hardly said a word lmao)

oh! that's a great one! i love all her works :3


the ending is so sweet  :3


ahw thank you so much! :3

ah thank you!

thank u :3

 i love when the sun makes the road rlly hot n then it rains n its comfortably warm water ahh 


that anglerfish looks so good!

thanks :3

i know, but it's already cute! imagine the finished game wow

ahhh so nice!! really nicely written and the sountrack fit so well woah

ahh so nice!!

AAAAHH IM SOFT. let's all summon the rainbowiness inside of ourselves all the time

real neat!!

i love the way you made it look like there's depth in the walls n corners n stuff!! real nice

victim is such a bop!! woa