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thanks! i've used hats before n i think i'll continue doing it bc it's very useful (also she talked to me, i hardly said a word lmao)

oh! that's a great one! i love all her works :3


the ending is so sweet  :3


ahw thank you so much! :3

ah thank you!

thank u :3

 i love when the sun makes the road rlly hot n then it rains n its comfortably warm water ahh 


that anglerfish looks so good!

thanks :3

i know, but it's already cute! imagine the finished game wow

ahhh so nice!! really nicely written and the sountrack fit so well woah

ahh so nice!!

AAAAHH IM SOFT. let's all summon the rainbowiness inside of ourselves all the time

real neat!!

i love the way you made it look like there's depth in the walls n corners n stuff!! real nice

victim is such a bop!! woa

really cool! 

heck!! v cute

thank you c:

ahh thank you! :3

thanks so much!!

<3333333 thanks onion


really cool how the music and the visuals work so well together

thanks so much!

thank you!! i was worried it wouldn't be recognisable- i'm glad you liked it  c:

thanks! she's rlly amazing

woah so nice! i love the bits where the avatar disappears bc its underneath/behind something, i've never thought of that before c: 

woah! the colors are rlly cool


oniooooooon c:   (also the bg is rlly pretty)


i love the music and the puzzles, tho i keep dying lol

holy macaroni this is gud

ah i love  the thing you did...with the cool i gasped

loved it. the notifications and the hand are so  cool woah

thanks so much! well i think the sun is most evil here but flowers grow to the sun so they're on that side as well.  (im still learning how to make sprites recognisable; i was going for a ghostie but i get that it looks like onion detective (i love onion detective))