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Mo's Full F* Sci-Fi Adventures (MoSoft)

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Hi ,sent you an email via website the other night. (Check if spammed). Also wanted to report a minor issue/question I noticed, etc etc

PS. You definitely want to download the new v1.2 copy now on just added (and delete your old copy!) Title screen now says "v1.2" --- J.E.R.O. and Beatnik Bert files replaced and upgraded 2.28.2020.

HI, glad you like it :) PS. You definitely want to download the new v1.2 copy now on just added (and delete your old copy!) Title screen now says "v1.2" --- J.E.R.O. and Beatnik Bert files replaced and upgraded 2.28.2020.

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AKA REPORT - Many paragraphs, news and details regarding NTSC, disks, versions, upgrades...

If you are an original hardware NTSC user, read - some interesting features on the machine and recommended. NTSC real hardware and the NTSC version of Mini ARE different in some regards. You can note the speed/timing difference but the real hardware as some real easter egg bonuses regarding graphics and even in some cases (forget which of my games) audio coolness. Thus to my testing on my real machines, my NTSC Mini and VICE (as reference in PAL), there are some differences. VICE + NTSC real hardware are the two big "breadwinners" with ideal rendering, albeit with differences.

#1 Yes so, i have played my games on my C64 - finally setup again. There are two differences between the NTSC and PAL. The timing are faster, thus in my early games, a bit faster and challenging. NTSC Graphics are a positive. Most recent games, timings not really an issue and designed with both format in mind. The music also very fast in any case. But playable and frankly, this is how I have been playing them. The bonus is that the NTSC original hardware makes the graphics look really great, and with the accelerated time, in some cases add a very trippy animated effect to some sprites (and the usually the right sprites/patterns - excellent!). Big bonus and my opinion the games look spectacular in this regard. I approve of the difference. Secondly, the scoreboard is cut-off on both NTSC and Mini, but considering the games are all adventures that you want to make to end as goal, not really an issue. Personally, I prefer with the NTSC color palette on my early/later original hardware VIC chips and aforementioned bonus visual fx on the 2 different machines. Your hardware will need to be in good working order for the more colorful Mo Dernart games though due to wild and dense patterns. Zilspleef, Snake Eyes and Demon Star II use a ton of black and clear sprites, so these are fine on display in any case. On good hardware these as mentioned will animate - giving the SUPER BONUS for original NTSC-only hardware users.

#2 I have created front-end graphic title screens, which I will re-pack and add/update the itch later, probably before Christmas I am guessing.

#2b I am experimenting in bring the data of these games and outputting as NTSC! However, I still need some particular software and on the point #2b, it likely won't be very soon and other hit-or-miss. However beyond adjusting the missing score/lives panel on NTSC, which supposedly may be possible to an extent, I will not abandon the possibility of releasing future versions [see below as well as more options if and when my programming proficiency improves]

#3 I also will almost certainly be producing a limited run of "Mo" disks collecting, now 6 of my games. I have some special disks and just have to design a pro label for them.

#4 My games so far are in order of release (w/notes):

1. Atom Heart - NTSC timing faster, very challenging. Graphic FX bonus. Plays nice.

* Beware there was some guy who did a 'longplay' video (no doubt to troll and for some reason attack/provoke me) re-titling the game and then using an emulator to slow down the game drastically and then editing/speeding up the video to cloak this and calling it a "passive" run. The game is next to impossible (or impossible) to do what they claimed and showed at normal 70%+ speed. You either have to use an emulator to cheat then film, then speed up film as person did and/or poke in a infinite lives, which you can do easily(!!) I didn't appreciate that. Very uncool and dishonest trying to belittle the game. Not one of their other videos I browsed showed any time/emulator percent timing manipulation plus mis-titling and distortion of what is possible in game- just mine. Nice. Really nice.

2. Electric Warrior - same as emulated in play really. Plays same. I enjoy the palette on NTSC.

3. Algol - this is fun, there are some graphic distortions not really affecting game play, and a few engine clitching due to timing issue sped up, but OK and likely only in a couple spots near beginning of game. Later levels are a bit different and less busy.

4. Zilspleef - This should look OK considering it is largely black and high contrast. Play will be faster(!) aka much more challenging. While I got burnt out play-testing this one to end, I did play the first level section and it looked OK, just that extra 10hz faster.

MY 2019 3 new Richard @ TND Compo games:

Compo versions (I am actively going to release enhanced and in some case different "disk" versions of Demon Star II and Araignee - Spider Thief).. see notes below.

5. Snake Eyes - This play perfect on NTSC and actually better paced in difficulty on an otherwise fairly easy PAL version. Recommended. Fun little game, love it - high contrast black like Zilspleed - beatable without heavy wear on player! (Earlier games are designed to be very challenging and learning areas, different levels)

6. Demon Star II - when I post this on, it will be a very unique disk image (you can burn) with a couple different versions of game... and possibly more in future. This play a tad faster as well of course but just great. Like last game I designed to be fine NTSC/PAL. Game music will be faster, but I am trying to take this into account and there will be different versions, with just unique SFX as well. Very happy about this unique game.

7. Araignee - Spider Thief. There is some noticeable bad glitching on NTSC on the brief one-screen 2nd level start and possibly therefore in a few other places. For me slightly annoying but the game is a unique pseudo action-dungeon crawler sort of game and pretty weird as is, so not a huge deal. I have to revisit this one later and play more fully on my NTSC machine. But this is the current compo release, which plays fine on emulator/PAL.

Just with NTSC real hardware and the NTSC Mini, there's that brief major glitch. When I upload this later in year to itch almost certainly, I am going to likely edit that level and test other and re-release a better NTSC-only version. The joke here is that on that 2nd blue 1-screen level screen, it is literally a "bug" (a literal fly sprite) that I think is causing the glitchiness. I will edit/swat that fly out of there! (And while I'm at it comb/playtest the rest). On Araignee, I may even isse a sequel in thdistant future if I feel like it.

So as is in "Compo" version - there are some glitches, basically like a fly swarming over my end, notably on that one blue screen!


So yes NTSC works, music fast for games with music but OK really and scoreboard/lives cutoff. Richard @ TND said he had some NTSC fixes in this regard, so if or when I can get these fixes, I will definitely update the files. As for now, NTSC = Adventure mode.

~~~~~~~~ : ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stay tuned for an actual real floppy disk collection. If you are interested, feel free to message as well - anyone. I appreciate the interest and support. Hope everyone enjoys the games - I know they can be a bit unorthodox and different, or at least in the spirit of very old-school, or imbued with pop culture or C64 homages and references. Something perhaps different.

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Sure, I don't have a retropie setup myself yet, but if possible to include the docs (that may have instructions) and cover image, then please do so. I am not specifying any particular license but if it's for a non-commercial free sharity project as you suggest, then you have my permission- thanks and go ahead and include any of the current playOrbit games of mine. No problem. PS. For whom it may concern: I am not unaccepting for any Commercial-based projects, or game systems, consoles, etc., but I will require a direct email, maybe at least a simple high-five or slap on the butt.

So in other words, yes, go ahead and include them in your github packaging project! Good luck on that and I am bookmarking. for future reference...  Happy Holidays and ...spleef it up.
- Mo

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Hi, it was mastered by Richard B/TND in UK, and the game designed in PAL fps. You might have to copy and test to see any fps differences on your machine (I am guessing it will run, but I am not an expert here on the fine details).

It does load in VICE NTSC yet with the default fps options, runs but that extra 10fps (fast). The other natural options that I suspect would suffice in cases of issues loading up on a C64 mini or Raspberry Pi/VICE in PAL mode or there always VICE itself on typical computers.

Please feel free to of course grab the d64 (I imagine the tape version is definitely a no-go) and copy to disk and try on your machine, etc and test. And if you find issues, timing, etc, please drop a comment and let me know. I would appreciate it and if there are issues, perhaps I could plan and bundle and make or output the game in an alternate NTSC version.. I suppose that is another option I could do or try. Sorry, I could not give a better answer, but I haven't had the opportunity to try NTSC otherwise.

PS. If you do play it, and need game-play help at least, I may be able to provide tips or clues in riddle form :)

Thanks for the interest.

- Mo