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this is best zine maker

download for very use!!!

same here

Find bait!

Sok pop games are just getting better and better!

I'm without time to properly rate anything right now, but this game right here, it is worth buying. Very good guys

Well, I had fun


it may look like a simple, easy game. But I fell on the pond at least 5 times because of that MONSTER*

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a true sokpop game. 

*I hate that thing now

Boy is bad

I didn't expect this game to be so good.

It has its flaws, I mean the controls feel kind of "bad" sometimes, but my experience with the game was really nice. Because there's apparently no gravity in the woods, you can build all sorts of cool huts, I also found other huts created by other players and... I don't know what made this game cool, but it is definitely cool.

A few things I would've liked about the game:

  • Options of sensitivity for the mouse 
  • More objects! :D
  • I didn't find any signs for me to write something
  • I lost my hut sometimes even with the limited playground
  • I hear birds, but I didn't see any! 

Good game overall though :)


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This is so weird, yet I think it might be one of the best sokpop games

  • Keeps you in the game; Unlike some other games by sokpop, you can't really get lost somewhere and not be able to go back to the start
  • Lovely graphics

I couldn't find any complaints. I can feel this game is well done

Now this is setting a standard for the next games, even though I'm giving this one a 5/5, there's always room for improvement, so I expect your games to keep getting better and better. No pressure. 

good game tho

I didn't want to come out as rude, thanks for understanding! If I had a controller I would definitely try it.

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I would give this a 2/5, not the best sokpop game even though the graphics are great

A few points:

  • I can't see what I'm drawing properly
  • I tried to draw a triangle... the game thought I drew a circle
  • There are 3 different circles?
  • The controls feel unresponsive
  • The drawing happens relative to the character??! Why not make a little drawing area at the bottom or something so I can actively see what I'm doing
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Oh god, that jump animation and those wall-jumpy and slidey-smokes. Well done!

Edit: Accidently backtracked and got stuck behind an already unlocked door ;-;

Felt the same thing

It's a nice ant colony simulator, but there's nothing new to it you know.