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_PC1:amd cpu,amd gpu

_PC2:Intel cpu,amd gpu

_PC3:Intel cpu,intel gpy

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I did a test with a 3rd another PC(this time win10 64bits version 1903) and it is the same issue.Persistant app in taskbar and taskmanager but nothing on screen.I wonder what windows 10 version you,dev are using for test.3 different PC,same bug.Maybe a bug with the auto-hide feature which causes persistant hide?

Deleting the log files replace them when I close and restart the app.

Updated crash log after delete and app restart

Same issue with the 32bits version.

Sometimes I was able to load folder(pressing "N" and hear audio(with some random lags) but nothing displayed)

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Sadly,still not working(test with 2 different PC,same operating system WIN10 64 bits build 19041.450).Also tried to delete "preferences.txt"(not shown in the video,but still the same)

Thanks for your user assistance.No problem for the detailed feedback,it was my pleasure.I hope that the log files(rar compressed)  will help you fix the issue.

Additionnal Information:The app is not auto-closing but persistant in taskbar and taskmanager.The issue is that nothing appears expect the first splash white screen. 

PC1 Log Files

PC2 Video

PC2 Log Files

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Here is a video explaining the issue.

I hope that you could fix it.Thanks

Windows specifications(It is a 64bits)

White screen crash

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MMP 64 java included is not working on Win10 build 19041.450

White screen then nothing.