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really loved everything about this game, very clean and fun!

brilliant game and execution! :)

so cute and really original! brilliant!!

absolutely brilliant, I loved this game, and admire your work, humour and mechanics. So original and wonderful!

Loved this little game, kept me on my feet! 

such a smooth little game! Loads of fun and made me laugh a little too! Keep it up!

ah wait one palette

Really enjoyed this one, Not sure how it fits with the theme however

Absolutely adore this game! My favourite one yet!! Good job on the design and puzzles! Had a lot of fun playing this one!

A lovely game! I had a lot of fun playing it, however I do understand what you were going for regarding the theme but I think it wasn't very clear

very cute and fun! Can't stop playing!

Thank you so much Viktor!

thank you so much for your feedback and honesty, It's very useful and I'll make sure to take them into consideration in future projects

Thank you! They're all drawn by me :)

The little cat is so cute! A very cute small game, good concept and execution, clean game 

A very interesting concept, also the shy guy is adorable! 

I really enjoyed playing it! I was rather rubbish to begin with but then I started to get the hang of things. Such lovely graphics and a unique idea. Loved everything about it! Made me laugh and put a smile on my face!