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Very funny wise guy, I LIKE VANILLA ICE CREAM!

I really wish there was more to this game! It had a great atmosphere! Just needed more buildup!

A lot of cool ideas here! Needs some work, but I like the concept!

I really think this was more an abstract piece of art than a horror game.. Very interesting!!

This was super creepy, and I left it wanting answers! Really good!

I'm pretty sure I missed a ton of the experience, but damn it got me.

I need a full length Bumblesnoot game with a deep dive into the lore.

I enjoyed the vibe of this game, but I felt like after the first 2 skulls the monster became unbeatable! (I'm probably just bad lol) I got lost a lot too haha!

This game had a good concept, I just wish there was more to interact with!

I was getting really mad at this game at first, but then I got big brain and I really enjoyed it!

I was surprised just how SPOOKY this one was. I was legit scared playing this.. It was a great time lol

I really enjoyed this game! The twist at the end was really cool, I just wish it was elaborated on more! And I honestly wish there was more food serving.. That was my favorite part xD

I enjoyed the game, and I was BIG BRAIN enough to get the GOOD ending.. But my brain was not big enough to do it in a TIMELY MANNER.

I must have big brain, because I solved the case ;D Wish there was more to play already!!

I played Golden Light earlier today and I have to say I really liked it. I wish I could've gotten farther though! 

The alternate controls got me at first.. I wish this concept was expanded upon! The game felt like a remix on Amnesia with Old Gods lol 

The atmosphere in Escape is pretty good! I think the robots being the enemy is a bit un-threatening once you know that that's all there is. And when having to find the energy source I did spend a while just wandering around not knowing what to do! It's a great start though! This was the last game I played in my video!

I really enjoyed the arcade-y style of this game, but later on, SPECIFICALLY the spikes, got very aggravating. I DID complete the game, I just don't show it in my video because I got.. quiet.. "SEETHING INTENSIFIES"

I really liked the concept of this one! It was the first game I played in my video.  I wish it had more levels, maybe power ups and new enemies as you get farther? 

I SOLVED THE CASE! After 2+ hours, I SOLVED IT!! I think?.. 

I experienced a few bugs while playing, had to reset the game a few times, but overall I enjoyed it!