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Certainly some interesting thoughts, I will keep that in mind for my further work on this project, and for the next releases!

For the tutorial, I had a look at it, and it is slightly outdated. In Step 6, the semantics for the objects should be TEXTURE1 and SAMPLER1, not LOCAL_TEXTURE1 and LOCAL_SAMPLER1. Sorry about that!

Thank you!

Thanks for great suggestions and thoughts around this! I guess one of the keys to make great, user-friendly software is to strike the balance between functionality and simplicity. Some stuff in SnaX may look a bit daunting at first, like getting your first 3d-model on screen, but at the same time, I'm trying not to oversimplify things and leave out features that advanced users might find useful. I have many times used tools that are nice and simple to start with, but as you get more experienced and want to make more advanced stuff with it, you are stuck because the functionality you need is just not there. For rendering for example, my goal has been to make the layer above the graphics API (d3d12) as thin as possible, which makes things a little complicated, but at the same time gives you great flexibility and a lot of features to play with.

For the next release, I will probably try to focus more on lowering the bar for first time users of the software. Better tutorials as you mentioned, maybe an interactive application walk-through, make the current examples more available as they currently are a bit "hidden" in the application directory. I'm also working on a bigger example (game) that I eventually will put on github, to showcase the potential of SnaX, and make it more interesting.

Hey some_code_person, thank you very much for your feedback, I appreciate it! Some of the features I believe you are asking for is what's called "Templates" in SnaX, which are pre-built functionality including camera controls, primitives for rendering, shaders and other common functionality. You find them in the upper-left tabs. I will have a look at the tutorials to see what's wrong.

There is a lot more that can be done when it comes to documentation, examples, tutorials, video-tutorials, features to help the developer in-app and so forth, if I only had time to do everything :-/ 

The tool is quite simple to use when you know how it works, but at the same time it is also quite a low-level tool where you have to build more of the basics yourself. It's not an engine where you can just drag and drop a terrain, some characters, give them a weapon, apply some AI, and then you have a first person shooter! Far from it. It is more of a programming tool where you build things from scratch. This makes it very flexible and versatile, but harder to get started with and probably not for everyone, at least if they expect it to be the high-level engine that it's not! It could make a great tool for learning programming and 3d-graphics for many, I believe!

What would, in your opinion, be the single most helpful thing I could do to make SnaX easier to get started with?