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...planet Earth through the eyes of an alien. Join Zorg, a little tentacly thing from GJ 667 C f on his scout mission to the Solar System. Perhaps a somewhat different kind of adventure game for people enjoying gallows humor.

Thank you so much! :D Yes I'm hoping to share the game soon, let's see if I manage to add some background music to it first (and if the game passes the filter because of considerable amount of black humor...). 

- TC

Hi Jayse and huge thanks for your help! Added another avatar using Borksy and everything works like a dream. I've been keeping busy with a little game for couple of days now and must say I haven't had this much fun for ages :) Thanks again!

- TC

Hi everyone! I'm really new to Bitsy so my questions may sound a bit silly, but gotta start from somewhere, right?

- How do I make a discussion where there is a second dialogue that is triggered only if the player comes to the sprite again? In such case only the second dialogue should be triggered,  nothing else. The same would happen on every revisit to the sprite. Do I need to use variables?

- I plan to make two rooms but they should have a different avatar. Is it possible?

Thanks already in advance :) - TC