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A member registered Sep 19, 2015

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10 mins later, 3rd game and I finished easy. I've got used to the right analogue stick for drifting. The up-down flick you have to do each time you drift.

20 mins later, 5th game and 3rd stage on medium. Used the LB, RB buttons. It's better but needs to be using triggers?

2 other issues.

1 - You need to take your accelerator off to tap brake then accelerate again to drift. It doesn't feel natural. Would feel better if you could keep accelerate down when you tap brake to trigger drift.

2 - Being able to break an existing drift to go the other direction would be good (ala outrun 2006). It would make the S sections feel better.

Maybe have no other cars on easy mode as well, to allow the player to get familiar with the game without bumping shit.

Love the music, art style. Here's some suggestions after only 1 race (i didn't even get to the 2nd stage on easy).

- VHS mode, it's too much, make the effect less strong so you can still see it but it doesn't blue everything out

- Gamepad controls - Using right analogue stick for accelerate/brake makes no sense, use right and left analogue triggers like every other racing game

- Drifting - It needs to be as responsive as Outrun 2006, ie. work exactly the same way, otherwise it's not enjoyable.