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hey man, its great to hear that, i really like forging in real life and probably thats what i will end up doing for a job, so this game is like my wet dream come true ;D

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heey, i would like to be able to shape the wapons my self, you have those red dots on the hot steel when you put it in the anvil, what about when you hit them you deform the metal, like extending it outwards, instead of just having to hit all the dots, and similar thing in the grinder, you remove material when you grind, if you could ad that, it would be the awesomest thing in the entire world.

you can also have predefined shapes, like now, but beeing able to make new ones would be great. :D

being able to fuck up would be cool to, like breaking a blade when grinding, or having it crack during the heat treat.

also, usually blades are put in oil after heating for hardening, not in water, becouse that would crack them due to the extreme temperature change, and forges tend to use coal rather than wood.

i really like where you are going with the game, keep up the great work :DDD