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At first I was thinking the same thing.  But after crafting the troll hide armor, the metal banded shield, and the bronze sword, most of the monsters are not that difficult to kill. Being able to get iron from the high mountains, occasional treasure chest, and Surtlings meteor, creates that extra challenge and extended gaming time that makes the Alpha version more enjoyable - in my humble opinion.  Good job, Dvoid!

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Copy the whole this folder from your old machine to your new machine, after you have installed the game.  For Windows 10:

          C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\Cool Games\Valheim

I have made a habit of regularly copying that folder to another drive on my computer.  After having the game crash and losing my world's stuff, I thought it a good idea to have some sort of backup. The folder is less than 25MB,  as I recall.  The backup is also nice if your character dies with your hard-earned inventory and you cannot get back to the tombstone to recover it. (My guy died sliding down a mountain, and the tombstone remained high enough so my re-spawned dude could not reach it.)