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This was absolutely amazing. From the art, to the dialogue, I found it all pleasing and entertaining. I played the demo of the game, and I came back a while on only to see that this was complete! I really liked how short and sweet it was. Some people prefer longer sessions of play, but for the one hour I spent playing, I felt pure happiness, even suspense. I definitely look forward to any (if, there are any) future projects. Good luck! <3 (Thanks for making my poor heart go doki explosion)

Can I opt to date Lynn instead? :^) Pl0x? So far, I love this game! Can't wait to continue. Just thought I'd say this before losing myself to this game.

I'm going to feel like a massive derp after playing this.. Great!

You are a beautiful person. I wish you good luck on development with this game.

Lolololol, toodles~

You replied though! Thank you for taking the time to read my comment •∆•

I'm sitting here and I already know...

My heart is about to be destroyed yet again by an otome game. I'm ready to do a couple of cartwheels.

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There's a glasses character, so it will all be okay. .. 

Alright, I've definitely fallen in love with this game. I'll most certainly will be spreading the word about Silent Voices to my.. Non-existant friends who like otomes.. Um.. Alright.. Since I don't have any friends who like otomes.. I'll just go ahead and spread the word anyway.. Hah.

Ahem. In all seriousness.. I love the characters so far.. Especially our glasses type over there.. He's precious. I must say however, that the personalities of the Citelle characters are.. Typical? They're all each the epitome of different sterotypes. If that's what you were going for, then bravo.

But then again, that's just my personal opinion.. And my weird mind going off on a tangent. I must make zero sense right now. This game made me laugh and feel all nice inside, so that was great. Emmeline is hilarious, as well.

I'm really looking forward to the full version of the game. Good luck with development!

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Hahaha, they said it couldn't be done! They told me that the sister-zone would never be broken!

Well.. Look who was wrong... Heh.

I loved it. Seriously.. (sniffle..)

The story and art work, no wait, everything was cool. I had a pun time... Haha.. (intense bawling in the background..)