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i think i remember that i saw this image a picture of notebooks have numbers on them??? idk? i think it was saying about the something i think 2nd demo??? and it said idk it will come out on the 13th????? i don't know if i'm saying that right?? 

or was it something??? i kinda don't know? its about something i can't find that image like i'm not a backer... 

or if that image was a fan image

i'm waiting for that 2nd pubic demo on 2020

*waiting and standing still*

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i played it and it was sometimes hard and sometimes easy i wish you could do that elevator random seed thing from that kickstarter exclusive demo game that non backers did not play how about adding that and make it a full random map series if not well okay you can't make that....

oh yes the 2nd demo is coming yes!!!


i even made a comic about it

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wow the latters reminds me of the old show called code name kids next door and sans too

L.O.L.Z.H.A.X.E.R.T.R.A.P.K.I.N.G.  reminds me of that and the character to sans and i'll the word vibes

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a 2nd demo i can wait for the demo next year

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oh yes thank god the kickstarter is over no backers only us with no backers thnx Mystman12

What? the mod your mod?

The spammer i have found you i that person 


XGames9000 aka  AnyNikeWiki99