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This made me cry. It's heartachingly beautiful, story, art, music, mechanics. All these aspects work together perfectly and form an experience that feels so warm, raw, and fundamentally human that I won't ever forget it.

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love all of your games, they look stunning, sound amazing and feel like a drug trip, I really hope you keep up the great work and thanks for making these games.

I'm working on a romance game about an LGBT supprt group. WIP-thread:

I'm working on a visual novel, love paradox is just the working title, I might change it. I'm not a very experienced writer or programmer, it's the first game I'll finish, so don't expect to much from it, but I'm working with an extremely talented artist, toki, you can see the sprites she made for the game in the discord-artshare.

The game will be about Amanda (name may change), a young woman who one day wakes up in the streets of the town she grew up in, the first person she meets is Nelly (name may change), the teacher Amanda had a crush on when she was a kid. It quickly becomes apparent that she travelled back in time, but she has no idea how or why. Does her younger self have something to do with it? Will Amanda fall in love with Nelly again?

I've already written about 4.5 K words, I hope that I can make the game at least one hour long. I'm grateful for any critique or questions you may have about the game.