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actually i think i would re-play hammer 2, but i dont have enough time

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i really enjoyed the web version that i played a few months ago, but i am too lazy to complete the standalone version aswell.

Good game though, there are lots of levels and its really fun.

my favourite game of all remastered rally point games

gotta fix the music - the music is from rally point 3 but overall i like the remasters

to be honest, traffic slam 3 is much more appreciated than the Rally Point Series. I think that ts3 would be a success too.

i have got the problem that if i switch too much between challenges, vehicles and maps sometimws the challengea dont work correctly and i get script errors while racing once some ai starts shooting or anything else. I had this problem especially in the challenge "Outbreak"

They can't publish this game on steam, it does not demand the level of typical steam games.

They're not working on Burnin' Rubber 6. They need a budget first, or just simply explained they need investors who want to help to create the game

Currently, they are developing Police Pursuit.

1. idk if this is really needed

2. same thing here

3. same thing here again

4. this would be actually cool, i agree

5. cool

i am suspicious if this game is gonna get any updates soon to be honest

i love this

idk why but i have fun playing this