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Hi, and thank you very much!

I think "The Tell-Tale Heart" is a good depiction of paranoia and/or monomania (Poe's favourite) and remorse. I hope I see this project till the end - I'm glad you're excited!

I'm making an adaptation of EA Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" with RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. It's going to be very short, but I'm including four endings - the "true" ending and three alternative endings, depending on what actions the player takes.

It's going to be my first "full" game, so I'm quite excited!

Hey, thanks!

Actually, I'm very much aware of the restrictions of the free Lite version, that's why I wanted to do it with the trial one. My question was about any possible legal issues but apparently that's not a problem. Thanks for replying!

Created a new topic RPG Maker free trial?

Hello, I'm interested in creating a game but using a free trial of RPG Maker VX ACE and therefore have a question: is it possible? I already know you can't use free trials for commercial projects and I'm confused.