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yup, in today's day and age a website can brute force it in a matter of seconds

it's the text

"He’s really comin’ along. When push comes to shove, I’m actually proud of him. Just don’t ever tell him that. His head’s big enough as it is."

put through a vigenere cipher with the key "smile"

i'll probably finish it one day but recently i've been spending more time making my own games instead of mods.
it's simultaneously disheartening and encouraging to see the amount of views this celeste mod i made 2 years ago compared to the rest of my projects but i'll take what i can get lol :)

The grapple feels a bit heavy and unresponsive, and the restart button when I died didn't work. Good concept.

Yeah, art of any kind is not my thing. I tried to stick to just recolouring sprites already there, but it still might look a bit eh


Thanks for the assets, made them into this

So uhhhh, why not adding Q?

Ooh thank you :)

I see you built this on PICO-8, any chance I can get a cartridge or file for it? Just doesn't feel the same to play on a browser :P.