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Hi, sorry for not replying sooner, not sure why I'm not getting the notifications for these messages.

Not sure how to direct message you, but if you give me your email I will sort out a key for you.



No problem. I've been on holiday with family. Will get you one next week when I'm back!

Thanks for supporting our game! <3

hey Tam!

Thanks for pointing this out. We'll check the AI and look to add this to our bug/feature list.

Thanks again!

hi there. 

You said in your last post that it was working now. We are also releasing a new Alpha in the next few days. Alpha 5.0. Are you still experiencing the same problem?

You can wishlist it right now! :D

Hi there. Yes you do!

Hi I didnt see your last reply. You need to make sure you have enough warren space and food - this influences how many babies will be born. Male to female ratio also matters.

hi! Yes thats right, you need to have enough available space as well as food to have more goblin babies. Another factor is the male to female ration in the clan.

Have fun! :D

hey Tam - thanks for reporting this, I dont think its due to the skellies but it will certainly be a contributing factor. We will keep working on optimisation over the course of development!

haha, oops, thanks for reporting this, will have to check our code there! :D

Hi there

Thats really weird, should just work normally out of itch, we havent had people report this before.

Thanks for letting us know!

Hi there! Thanks so much for the feedback, thats all really great and we agree with you on all your points. We're working on them. We recently changed how we do the camera and it will take a few iterations to get it working perfectly :D. Can I ask what resolution you play at? We havent encountered the mouse lock on the screen anywhere before so it seems like a bit of a unique problem.

Thanks for your support!

No problemo! Glad we have such awesome support and the game will only be better by the time you play it :D

haha :D

Hey there! Yup those 2 bugs we are aware of. The camera has been damn tricky with the procedural world and all. We'll have the lake one fixed in next update for sure (cause I know whats causing that one :) ) The camera in the side walls has been a bit of a bigger goblin to deal with but we'll get it sorted with this update as well we hope! 

Thanks for your support! hope you are enjoying the game otherwise :D

hey there

You're in luck! We do have heroes planned. You will be able to hire heroes from the Tavern. The heroes available will show up randomly and have different skills. You will then be able to assign these heroes to your Raids to lead them. We have a few more plans with them beyond that but thats all I can reveal at this point. Also importantly, The Goblin Adventuring Party from Goblins Comic will be some of our first heroes in the game! :D

We're hoping to get the heroes in the game in the next few months.

really glad you are enjoying the game and love hearing great ideas and suggestions!

very sorry to hear that you guys still can't. We've been getting paypal payments for several weeks now since we fixed things on our end, there really isnt anything more I can do on my side. Hopefully you will be able to get it in the future.


Thank you so much for the detailed bug report and the realy nice compliment! Very glad you like our little game  :D

We are aware of the vanishing item image bug and are working on fixing that. The crash bug we will have to investigate further. We're always reducing the number of crash bugs with each update anyway.

Our next Alpha should be out in a few weeks

Keep playing and posting! 

Hey Nyfregja. Thanks for reporting this. We'll make it a top priority and get a new version out soon!


Hey Tam! 

I've been think about this a lot as well. The most likely solution I'd consider is a "firewood" producing building and then balancing towards that. As you saw in the twitch stream this morning though, it is possible to stockpile sticks, I survived 3 winters. One feature that is coming soon is the ability to directly prioritize certain resource points, so you will be able to prioritize stick collection from trees directly. This should solve the problem anyway, but if not, then we'll look at the production chain.

hey there! So glad you like what we're doing! :D

Yes thats why diplomacy is greyed out, its not a fully fledged feature yet and the actions there currently have no meaning. We'll be working on those layers of gameplay in future updates.

Thank you for your support!

I assumed I could private message you somehow on itch but it looks like I cant - can you please email me at

Hi Dravit. Thank you so much for your continued effort to try support us. I will ask Itch on my side as well to find out further if they have any more insights. Hopefully you can resolve the matter otherwise you will have to wait until thew release in Early Access on Steam in a few months.

I wish I could do more but as I've said, we've been receiving PayPal payments as off 2 days ago now and there's nothing else I can edit on my side.

This is most unfortunate and I hope you will follow us to an eventual resolution of getting the game in your hands

Thats strange. Not sure what the problem is. We received a paypal payment earlier so it is definitely working on our end. Sorry!

I just received a PayPal payment! It looks like its working now! hooray!

I have updated a setting that PayPal suggested. If that doesnt work let me know

Hi. Ive heard from Itch and they say it an issue with PayPal, I'm still waiting to hear back from PayPal. It seems there are a lot of issues on the back end using PayPal on itch so might have to disable it in the future if its not resolved.

I'll update once I hear back from PayPal.

I am setting up a new paypal account, until this is done I have removed PayPal as a payment option. This will  be added again shortly - thank you for you patience.

Hi there! Welcome to the tribe :D

Well goblins are supposed to be mischievous but yours sound like they are being a real pain! We have one rare bug where goblins go to some distant far off point on some particular map pieces but the goblins not coming back out of the warren is unknown. We'll have to investigate that. Thank you for the bug report. We'll try get theses fixes as soon as we can!

hey Tam

Thanks for reporting this, its been a while since we dug deep into the regional gameplay. We'll look into this asap.


Hey Dravit, thanks for being so patient and not giving up. Its really weird, there really shouldnt be an issue. I've triple checked all my settings on PayPal and Itch and everything looks correct. I will email PayPal and Itch and see if they can give me more information. Please try do the same on your end.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Hi. I just tested it and it seems to be fine. Maybe it was just bad timing or something up with PayPal at the time?

Hey all, we just added PayPal as an option.

thanks for the support!

Hi Dravit. I've just added PayPal as an option! Thanks again for your support!

Hi Darvit. Thank you for wanting to support our game. I can see the failed transaction on our end and it looks like your bank/card does not allow the type of transaction (I dont know what that means). I'm very sorry about this. Hopefully by adding paypal soon you'll be able to purchase the game!



Great questions - 

  1. the red numbers mean there is a demand of that much in your economy. 
  2. The birth rate of the babies is based on several factors such as not starving, healthy, breeding age, male/female ratio, Clan capacity and a global constant. In basic terms if you have lots of spare capacity and more females than males then your birth rate will be high. This algorithm is not final or balanced yet, but thats how it works at the moment.
  3. There will be the ability to target enemies on the map soon, it wont work quite like Stonehearth but we have something in mind yes.

Thank you for you support and getting involved in the community! :D

We're busy wrapping up Alpha 3.0 this week. If we dont find anything super bad with the new features then we should have it up by this weekend! :D 

Hi. We'll look at adding Paypal soon! Thanks for showing interest, keep checking back or follow us :D

Hi! Oh man, I thought we'd killed that bug a while ago. We'll have to dig a bit deeper into it. Thanks for letting us know!!