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I see too that, i think 32 Bit version is little early then 64 bit

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I think already you thought about that, and maybe you wait for few more updates until steam greenlight project :D but if you put game in steam greenlight and pass, even if is pre-alpha, already on steam are a lot of game pre-alpha, steam community could help you to do 3D Models for GPUs,Motherboards,etc. They are boring and many of them make 3D Models for CS:GO just for FUN :) think about that :D

I played the game, but there are not much content, like... 10 min. eventually 20 min, but there are a lot of work to do :D

Can`t wait for next update and other features, like water cooling and insane GPUs SLI and Crossfire, maybe painting job and RGB Lighting :)) SSD, Plasma ram sticks, ROG Monitors? Wired Mg. and other cool things, there are a lot to do in this game :) imagination is the limit

I really wonder how will look this game at the final :) IF will be a final, new parts come out.

Best regards :)

The game is just for 64 bit, Dev. said few hours ago he will release an version for 32 bit today :D

Incearca sa folosesti Winrar

Try to use winrar for unzip this file,

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i already saw a post from you Dev. where you say you will release a version of the game for 32 bit :) today later. :D :3

btw. the guys from pcgarge get you some downloads :) i saw a lot of people from Romania and i`m 100% sure they come from there (pcgarage live :D ) i just let you know :D

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Maybe you pull out just file .exe like, just the game :)

You need to unzip all file (there are 2 of them) in one folder

1. Crate a folder ( name as you wish)

2. Pull files in that folder (there are 2 file, PC Building Simulator_Data and PC Building Simulator.exe)

3. Play the game, have fun :)

I hope this will gonna help you :)

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Hey, i really want to play this game, looks awesome :D but my system run on 32 Bit... it`s any version non-publish for 32 bit? or will be?

I saw this game on a live from PCgarage few min. ago (big market from Romania, also they have a chanel where play games and speak about IT and other cool tech shits :D ) maybe you want check it out :

sugestion : i think you`re game/aplication will be really helpful for people who want to build their own PC and will give them a pre-view about PC, uhm, my sugestion :D if you will add more GPUs and CPUs,ram sticks, motherboards, etc. maybe some sites like ex.: amazon or other... will buy you`re game/apc., i really think that gonna happend. :)

Maybe the guys from pcgarge will want to use this for their site, they have a place where you can put you`re favorite pice in wishlist and buy it already BUILD, but sometime results it`s not what is seems to be and this will help a lot of people if can be in site HTML code or something. :D

Please answer me at that question :D

Great job

Best regards :)