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Now it deleted all my progress and I can't log back in.

I don't have that many cats. I only have 4 in all

I don't have that many cats. I only have 4 in all

The game is starting to become buggy. First it was the 'cat dispenser' (is what I like to call it) won't show the cat category, second it didn't get me any cats when I get a random cat so my coins were wasted, I refreshed the page and it things didn't change. (since I was hoping it was a one time occurrence so I kept trying), and now in the middle of a fight it just stops working in all with the cats standing there awkwardly glitched out. And I can't exit the battle at all when it happens so I'd have to restart the whole page again. ;~;

I've only been playing for about a week. I didn't think much of the bug hoping it was just a one time thing as I mentioned before.