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What's happend , i know this is à very early demo In développement but this is not the full game demo

But this isn't full game this is In Education And Learing ?

When Can we play it ? Thanks for this version.

Hey baldisonic when your Baldi's Basics full game Android Will finish (when Can we play it )?

I'm so exited for the release

I finished teh demo 3 times

I'm so exited for the full game release

 Beacuse i have a computer weah

Ouf i have finished this game weah this is strange Baldi says : congratulations you Beat my demo And he turn black in eyes mouth And nose And the game close whaou this is à good end thanks mystman12

I want to play this game In Android when Can we play it In Android please

Please make à Android version i Need it i love Baldi's Basics thank you for this game but please make it In Android

I am a fan Of Baldi's Basics but when the full game Will be avaible In Android Devices ?