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Thanks for the effort man, sorry about the crashes. I've never seen that one before and I can't reproduce it, but I'll try my heart out to fix it!

Uploaded a fixed build that should stop a good amount of the crashing.

lol I'll implement the correct button things. Thanks for the feedback! Especially about how you felt trying to fight enemies.  I understand playing safe in a roguelite, but I definitely want the best way to play to be jumping around, going fast, and comboing enemies. I think the attack range is a bit short too, we'll mess around with buffing it and making sure you trade less with enemies. Thanks for the art compliments too!

Thanks for the feedback dude! I just noticed the room end event gets called even if you leave a persistent room, so instances were just killing themselves, which is like half the errors. Thanks for the nice words, glad it feels good. I haven't played N Ninja, but I'll try to get flash installed and do it. New stuff will probably be enemies and more situations you have to think to go into, like guarded treasure rooms or something. I'll consider the sprint thing, I do want to get rid off a couple input buttons to simplify things. Thanks!

Yeah that works, had enough time to deliver the pizzas.

On a 144hz monitor the game runs way too fast, I almost flipped out. I wish I could drag my mouse from anywhere and not get stopped by the window or the edge of the screen. So far so good, its readable and it works. I'd want some more nuance to raise the skill ceiling, like aiming while jumping doesn't stop movement.

the rooms look cool, i'm a fan of limited color palette art styles, but the angles and perspective could be more consistent. also, you already know this, but the combat needs some major work. right now, all that you need to do is hold enter and everybody dies. things like knockback, windup frames, cooldown frames and different enemy types could make the combat more fun. I'm curious to find out where you plan on taking this game.

Movement feels good, art looks good, music sounds good. Its good! Only complaint is the first layer of background scrolls a bit too much with the camera.

Beating shit up is hella juicy. I have no idea how the equipment menu or the trials work. Smash Bros sound effects are cool, but more of a THUMP might match the hitlag better. I wish the uptilt/launcher gave me more chance to combo enemies. Those walls are WILD lookin. Good stuff!

The inertia on the player is a bit too much, it means all I can do is circle strafe to dodge. I want to be able to wiggle back and forth to dodge, at least until the grenade guy finds me. More feedback when hitting enemies and getting hit would be great. I can't see the grenades the grenade guys throw, they blend in too much.

The juice you have now is good and the disco lights are cool. A sickass soundtrack would make this game pretty rad.

I agree that the combat feels sticky. Quicker animations, less starting lag, interruptable ending lag could help out. The blood mechanic isn't instantly obvious, maybe having the in game sword glow or something when its charged. The enemies just crouching down when they die doesn't tell me they're dead quickly enough. Ragdolling, exploding, or turning darker when killed would be more readable. I like the atmosphere, but some more contrast and intensity would be nice.

Looking forward to your progress!