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A member registered Feb 11, 2018

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Created a new topic screen movement

There is no wiew of position of the screen on the minimap, and i cant move camera down, it moves but very slowly, and laggy.  Also, to straight corridors can be a problem, as a high elo League Of Legends player, i can tell map is empty, and has not much space to maneuver and outplay. No graphic options, my laptop is not high end (runs Far Cry 3 on medium settings), so it lags, for massive online game, it can be crucial to run it on low hardware. That what i can see as problems so far, game has nice ideas tho. 

Replied to Cowfish Games in ummmm

Thank you for your reply, i will definetly check it out.

Its not, my business, but i think that you can make a good adventure - rpg - your uniq genre- game, so much potential.

Created a new topic ummmm

but... it sounds like original warcraft, they just separated the heroes from it and made dota and lol next, why someone would build it again?

I'm definetly not trying to harm your project, i'm actually already a big fan of yours, and i'm assuming, that this game will be 100% pure beauty, last time i felt this way, is back when i was a kid, and strarted to read sci-fi books from my mothers bookshelf. Just told what i saw, i'm assuming it's some wierd interaction with antivirus, so it thinks its a malware.

Here is screenshot.


My avast said that game's exe is infected by win32malware wich is virus. Maybe its a mistake since i dont see here comments about it, but i just telling what i saw.