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Thank you for the opportunity to play this game!

Good game. The monster scared me the first couple times and I was on edge the whole time playing!

I really enjoyed this game. The atmosphere had me on edge the whole time. I feel like the experience could be enhanced with some kind of creature following you through the backrooms though. 

Wanna start off by saying I loved the gameplay. It really helped to get me into the feel of the game. I did a video on it, I hope you enjoy it!

Sorry for the poor commentary. I  recorded this right after I woke up.

This game is really good for how short it is. I hope you make more like this cause I really enjoyed it.

I love games in this style and the story was a really intriguing take on what it's like to be completely obsessed with someone. Keep up the good work my man! 

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This game is amazing, 10/10. Unfortunately when I did the recording it didn't capture any in-game audio but I had to upload it anyway. It just wouldn't do the game justice to replay it and know what was going on. I can't wait for the full release!