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Killa 24/7

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About the game

This game has allot of hand drawn elements which makes the game look decent but some things were out of place and systematically uncoordinated, from my view I feel like the game needed to be worked on mechanically before release given they made this in little under a month I would have expected more from a team of four. That being said the main goal to this game is to reach the portals and in the way between these portals are a series of events or obstacles. The player is given these fairy demon like creatures called "Kaitiakis" you are given 4 of these, you can use these to progress/skip the entire obstacle or risk dying to proceed by doing the task at hand, the task is fairly easy although if you do choose to sacrifice a companion you won't have it again until you die and have to restart the game. These obstacles were a mixture of platforms to rolling boulders and creatures that would try to get you. Although they are a different mixture of events they didn't pose any real threat, so sacrificing was pointless. It is very time consuming and boring watching this character proceed to the end and having to go through 7 areas to get back to where you were just to die again because of poor mechanics is rather frustrating. If I was to rate this game out of 10 I would give it a 2.5/10, being primarily an art example.



  • Art was well drawn with reasonable coherence to other environment drawn objects.
  • Decent UI.


  • Little to minimal scene filling making the game feel empty and bland.
  • Some things that were drawn were completely ignored when a simple fix could have worked for example the white on the player animations still there.
  • Death event is very penalising and very time consuming to get back to where you were.

Target Audience

The target audience is probably starter game designers where they could study what is wrong or right about the game to give the game developer some helpful critique. Maybe 7-9 year olds would play this game as a time waster or for the query character. Perhaps someone that is very curious on what the ending of this whole dilemma is, why he is here, what is his purpose how did he get these creatures to follow him, so many questions that might get them more involved in the games story rather than the game itself. For me I really did not want to proceed through the game just because it was so poorly made and penalising on the player upon death.


Was this game fun? For me this game was not fun at all and probably ranking in one of the worse games I have played of this genre in quite some time, I'm assuming this is one of his/her first games, so credit for that. This would be more than likely a game that is a mixture between hard fun and easy fun if it had any that is.

Things to possibly add that could give this game more "Fun" would fix the bugs and add checkpoints not having to read all the sign posts as you come up to them a second time round, perhaps adding a sprint or some sort of movement progression.