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Oh man, thanks for the feedback!

A lot of your points I agree with, and are on a to-do list somewhere in my notebook. One of these is....

 - Maps: They're coming! It will be a little while before they are implemented as things are still in flux, but they are on the list. =D

To answer your question on grinding, it won't be necessary to enjoy the game. The main benefit of the leveling system is progressing on the ability tree, which will be completely optional for completing the game. Lots of Mana and Health upgrades will reside out of the ability tree, as well as new attack pickups and maneuverability options.

There are some really cool abilities planned though. The hidden string cache's and superstrings scattered throughout the game will get you a good chunk of necessary progress to explore some of it, enemy drops will get you the rest of the way there.

If you would like to grind to have an easier time in the earlier sections, that's certainly an option!

Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! I love watching playthroughs.

I hope to update the demo to the latest version shortly, once everything on my plate is more or less in order. Hope to see you do another run!


Hey! Thanks so much for streaming!! I'm really happy you liked it.

I'll take a look at that bug and try and fix it for next release! 

Aw, thanks for the kind words!

Yep, everyone who has purchased the game here is eligible for that, they just need to message me their discord info so I can assign the proper role.

Hey there!

Purchasing the game here will get you access to all future updates. I try and push a release once a month or so with the newest changes. In addition, it also gets you a copy of the full game on release.

You're also welcome to join our Discord, and I'll give you the Patreon role to reflect your support of this project as well!

Ah, yea that seems to be a common observation about the overall lack of health restoratives. Save points restoring health is definitely an option to consider to help with that!