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there's also a part in P.T. where you can see Lisa in the first window. Would love to see that added too! Love this though.

The bathroom Lisa part is such a great mood set for the rest of P.T. I hope it gets added in!

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Yes! Please add these! Having Lisa appear in the door crack the first time sets the mood for the rest of P.T. I think it's the biggest thing missing right now. I hope you decide to do an update with all these notes in mind. We bow our heads to you, all mighty and humble Gordello.

P.S. I would totally donate money to see all these changes put in.

Very good list! +1 for this as I want this remake to be the best it can be! 

He moved that piece somewhere else. Couldn't tell you where though haha. But there's a guide in the files. 

Cool! Well done on the animations by the way! Hope you're able to add that animation in the future. 👍🏻

Oh and I'm not sure if I heard the baby crying at that part, but I think you are supposed to? I could be wrong though hah. Gonna force some friends to play this after work today lol. 

Man you did an amazing job! But for the part where you look through the cracked open bathroom door. I'm pretty sure Lisa is suppose to reach for the handle and close it. Just a little extra touch of creepiness!