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Amazing fun concept, I loved the mixing of elements for example throwing a blue chemical down with a combo of an explosion!

Once Below The Ocean's full game is completed i hope to see a post jam version and seeing the experimentation of  more combinations and maybe a new element!

Maybe just a mouse version to angle much mor precisley

Is there a theme or can we make anything we want?


Vimlark overscoped on a jam game! Impossible! Would've loved to see the racing minigame in!

i love that this went from a game jam game to a fully fledged game!

Hey Arks! I'm just making a quick request. Can you make some Nintendo Switch  Assets or should I just reuse the ones in the XBOX asset pack?  Thanks in advance!

ive waited so long for this

Im officially in the league of darkness B) thanks for joining my quirky and neglected jam!

this is an unranked jam so no judges! Just have fun making a game in a short time!

-Kartarva, Creator of Jam

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this was a fantastic game

This is rivaling Friday Night Funkin for best rythm game in 2021 so far

What? How?

Hey! I told you to make a soccer game and you did just that! It was a fun and enjoyable experience especially against another player but 1 player could use a bit of fun tweaking! Other than that it was a great game! oh and my score was 5 ;)

they used 6502 assembly which is the same as their game from 2019 "Micro Mages"

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hello rowing