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This is great news, I'll wait for the 2.0, then.

I think you made an awesome product. The idea behind it is really smart. This is what I was looking for for years.

Keep up the good work!

Okay, new problem has arisen:

The .model file now loads fine. Seems like I have not assigned the materials correctly.


I cannot delete some of the materials (like the orange colors) because they "are in use". But they are not. I guess they really are on the inside, but it should be possible to delete materials nonetheless, because when exporting the model to a merged .obj file, the inside faces would be deleted.

When importing the .obj file into Blender, the wood texture's UVs are slightly off and there is some issue with a material that is not visible in your application. Just export this example model  (click me again ;-)) to .obj (textured, merged) and import it into Blender.

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Hi Kenney,

thank you for your quick reply. If I open the model file in Asset Forge, I can spot 4 textures: Click me ;-)

Edit: Alright, if I completely close the application and reopen the file, the textures are gone. There's only one left. Strange.

Just bought the standard version of the software. 

When working with this model... (Link to model) ... the OBJ export (merge = yes, export textures = yes) only exports one texture instead of 3. 

I am kind of upset, because I just paid $20 for a software that currently does not export a very simple model correctly. I would love to use it, but right now it is straight useless. 

Kind regards,


By the way (feature request for V2):

It would be great if the software would generate a texture atlas and export one texture that contains all textures. This way, I would get one mesh with one material and could reduce the number of draw calls.