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Is there any chance we could have an Update log before it's released?

Omg the new update looks so cool!


Get ready for a big tall border wall of text coming up.

Problems I've had with the current release:

-Robots deal to much damage at close range (they are fine at medium to long range though, but it's kind of hard to shoot their side cameras)

-Not enough hamblurgers (I fondly remember being super lucky on a run and getting two hamblurgers in one game)

-Rooms seem pretty boring (I heard this is getting fixed in the next update)

-Soundtrack... Every once in a while there is this sound in the soundtrack and it sounds like a door swinging or something, and it makes me really paranoid that there is an enemy sneaking around me and opening the doors or something like that

-Music, currently only one of the musics from speedBlack are in the game right now

-SMG, the smg should really deal more damage to robots, it's almost impossible to hit their cameras with it.

-Pistol, the only nerf I think the pistol actually needs is just a bit less firing speed, the infinite clip is fine to me, but the button spam gets a bit annoying to use, and the spam is the only reason that it's overpowered.

-Teleporting, it's just awful, I tried to do a teleportation challenge once, it did not work out.

-Locomotion system, it may be super cool, but when I first started playing this game I felt like I was going to throw up afterwards, but after using the locomotion for a while I no longer feel like I may decorate my room with the hamblurger I just ate

-Soldiers, the soldiers are way too sneaky, but it seems like there is going to be footsteps in a future update so that won't be a problem anymore

-Steam, NotDead said he would move this game to steam, that might be good, but it would make it harder to communicate with him, maybe a new Subreddit might be in order?

-Hamblurgers again, a recent post says that the Hamblurger might not be made with real meat/food, I find it unsettling to eat something that I don't know the contents of. (this statement is obviously a joke, but maybe a secret ingredients list could be found on a crate or something as a little easter egg.)

-I think I covered everything, I couldn't find any glitches other than the ones already mentioned in the bug section. A Subreddit would be really cool though. I think I've pretty much done everything in this game so far, I've done speed challenges, races with my friends, smg/pistol only challenges, even Bug/Exploit hunting... I can't wait for the next update. Most fun VR game, most Action VR games just have teleporting, or worse, no movement at all. The Locomotion just works so fluently with the combat though. However I do know that this isn't the first game to have a locomotion system like this, but this is definitely the best game to pull it off. Also as a side note I will surely be making more YT videos on this game, my channel name is Mithridate7. Also I think I heard about plans for a non-vr version of this, it sounds like a cool idea, I might play a couple minutes of it, but I always want a reason to use my Vive. All the good games for the Vive (except this, and probably Blueshift) are like 20-60$ in price range, I already paid 800$ for my vive, why do I have to pay hundreds more on the games. (Please don't make Compound cost money, I would be fine with in-game purchases though, most vive games don't have in-game purchases and that's why the price of vive games are so high.)

I think i'm done building my text wall now. Good Night!

If a multiplayer Deathmatch system is added, can there be an option to disable teleporting, previous multiplayer vive games have just had people teleporting around and murdering everyone without even giving them a chance, but the locomotion seems a lot more fair.

I found an Exploit...

Right Here

I come visit this page every DAY just to see if the new update has come out, I am super excited because this is one of the best action VR games out there!

Just a suggestion to the "comfort and quality of life" update, would be to slow down the game when holding down the teleport button and a bit of a slow down for a short time after teleporting, this would not only make teleportation easier, but also feel awesome with a bullet time effect in Virtual Reality. This implementation wouldn't just make teleportation easy, but would also inspire a combination strategy of teleports and locomotion when playing the game on a harder difficulty. This game is already feels awesome with popping the SMG rails and shooting down whole crowds, but the relocation system probably needs a re-work. Also a delay to teleportation would probably be a good thing.

Just Amazing, but honestly the only problems I've had with the game, is that you can't pick up a MAG while moving, you can't store hamburgers like you can MAGs (It's actually a pretty bad problem, I always end up getting the Hamburger when i'm not in danger, but when I'm low health the hamburger is usually too far away.) Another problem which is probably causing the SMG troubles, is that the Instructions are very unclear about how to use it, I spent an entire ten minutes trying to attach the MAG to the bottom of the SMG, also I kind of think the little sentry guys shoot too fast. The last problem I had with the game is that the soldiers like to spam their shots at doors, which means if I try to peek out and shoot at them, I end up getting instantly killed by their bullets, the AI could use small improvements, but other than that, the AI is actually really good, In a future update it would be nice to have a randomized color scheme every game, I find playing in the same color scene over and over again a bit boring.