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Unfortunately not. I do appreciate the enthusiasm though :-)

Really sorry to hear that the game isn't working for you. I'm not exactly sure why this would be happening to your computer, as I went back to check for this glitch and didn't experience any issues. I'm guessing it's probably a specific issue with GameMaker and your computer. Thank you for trying my game regardless.

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Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm really sorry to hear about the frame rate issue which you're entirely correct about. It's an problem I had with my previous project that I thought would be remedied with the lower resolution and less taxing gameplay.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed my game! Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback, it really means a lot!

While I think that the game overall could've used a little more polish and content this strange, thought-provoking and innovative puzzle game gave me a tough, but enjoyable play through.

This short entry really was a nice experience. Some of the assets were a little bit unpolished, but I think that overall the creativity, variety, and overall journey (funny enough) culminated into a great experience. Please never stop making games!

I very much did enjoy the attention that was put into what I can only imagine was a very difficult drawing system, but I do feel like that the general experience was held back by confusion and some overly hard levels. Specifically I think that you could better teach your players about the menus (as I spent the first two minutes just figuring out what was going on), getting more player feedback about the levels before you release (I felt that some of them were near impossible), and maybe polishing up the visuals and sound a little bit (the shooting sound has an odd annoying pop at the end of it). Overall though, I think that it's a pretty solid idea that could use some more polish.

Thank you for playing my game! I'd be glad to give you some constructive criticism.

This was some very fantastic work. I spent 30+ min playing already. No major criticisms or anything it's just a very solid entry to the game jam.

I have to say I was pretty impressed with this entry. While the music or visuals weren't anything to special the overall experience of solving puzzles with good timing and innovative solutions ultimately made this a very enjoyable experience. Keep up the good work.

I really liked the idea of what your game was about, but I had a difficult time actually playing it as the movement and some of the gameplay was confusing/clumsy. Otherwise this was pretty impressive work.

The visuals for your game are fantastic, but I'm having a hard time playing it cause it's bugging out a lot. The coder dude slid out of his chair but stayed in the sitting position than just stayed there. 

I only played the first fight of your game and I have to say your work is impressive. Color me a little jealous even. While I think the use of the standard rpg classes with the WASD keys was a little generic I really enjoyed how you essentially created enemies out of game genres. I expect to see this game in the top ten as far as things are going now.

I just want to say that the concept and style of this game was magnificent! The gameplay was innovative and your art style meshed with it very well for a quality aesthetic. My only complaint would be that I don't think you fleshed out the mechanics as much as you could have and that some of the gameplay in general needs some polish, but otherwise I'd call this game a generally enjoyable experience.

I fail to understand what this has to do with the game jam theme. Please inform me if I'm just an idiot.

While the game overall isn't exactly cutting-edge or anything I can't even fully describe how much I enjoyed the creativity in the design of your health system. It makes the game feel more real when you lose the actions of the code you're defending when it's destroyed. Keep up the good work!