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No probelm, I apologize for the holdup. Need to rework a lot of the code to get the next few features working. New content should come a lot faster when this is done.

Not all that different. I could argue it's somewhat easier, at least from a coding perspective. The writers have a hard time from all the branching though.

I'm practically coding it from the ground up, not using any libraries or game making software. It has its benefits, but it also takes a lot more time.

Or is that not what you meant?

Yes. New scenes are on the way though, just need to add a few things in the background before they can be released.

Thanks! Yes, this is HTML5 (i.e JavaScript), it's quite a pain to set everything up on the developer's side (especially since I insist on coding everything myself), but it's also miraculously easy to distribute once things are actually done.

This all started off as a tongue-in-cheek gift to Annon (who made several VN-themed pics prior to all this) for all his amazing artwork, but once I saw how much the community liked it, I decided to continue the project.

I only test it on Firefox, and mine is up to date (to my knowledge), so I apologize for any incompatibility issues. In the next release, I'll put up notes for new players to show which browser versions can run the game.

Yes, the game only goes so far for now. Next release will add several new scenes, as well as the magic mechanic.

Coming soon. Stay tuned!

You could also post it here, or ask Annon to relay it between us (I'd rather not make my email public, if that's okay).

Absolutely. Send me your email address in a PM, and I'll add you to the project.


Yes, for now it does, since I don't have any more content written for her yet.