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Holy doodle this was good. A truly gripping story, and the sheer amount of meta was amazing. I've recorded a video for Halloween, so I'll have to post that when it goes up.

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I suppose I might as well post this here, considering how AMAZING the game was. Had a lot of fun, despite some confusion about a few levels.

Glad you enjoyed. Maybe to make it clearer in the game, if you update it, whenever you use the radio have a "you contacted a trader" popup window. I think I did suspect that it was the radio, but I'd been playing for a while already. But no worries, it was still a fun game :D

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Ah. Well, I stopped searching the frequencies every day, if that makes a difference. As for a video link, here it is.

I guess my theory on how to find the next fort was correct, but unfortunately the trader stopped showing up. Is this a feature, or a bug, since I didn't want to grind for an excessively long time just to have the trader not show up :(

While I have read that the next base is the end of the game, I'm still yearning for that sense of completion. Good game nontheless, though I do voice some of my concerns at the end of my video on it (which I'll post in a few days and can link if you would like).