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Hi! I'm getting this error on the mac version:

> “NotItSE” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Bin.

I saw Cupahnoodle streaming this a few days ago! Everything about the artwork, music and UI is stellar, and the story is also really great. I found the ending a bit abrupt though, so I'm glad this is part of a larger story and I'm looking forward to more!

Awesome, it works now! :)

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This was an incredibly cute, chill game with a really nice art style. The characters were all so fun and unique too. Great job!

Btw there's a bug in the Mac version, it seems the Esther sprites are missing so for every scene she appears in, this screen pops up:

Incredibly beautiful artwork and story. Loved this game!

Great Spooktober entry! This was an incredibly good and spooky time, and you really nailed the atmosphere during the tunnel scenes.

This was an incredibly fun and delightful game! I loved the dynamic between the two main characters especially, as well as the music and pixel art.

Amazing art and really great little game!

Some really stellar visuals and worldbuilding for a small game!

I really enjoyed the demo for this! The story seems super interesting so far and I love the atmosphere and art style, awesome work!

Just one question - is there any way to get a good ending for the first chapter? All the endings I keep getting seem to be bad ones, even when I try to go back and make different choices. 

Great demo! I really loved the pixel art and visuals of the game. One piece of feedback I have is that it would be nice to be able to change controls.

Does this have a walkthrough? I really enjoyed the game, it captures the art style and atmosphere of the original Purrfect Apawcalypse games perfectly, but like the other commenter I can't figure out how to get a happy ending.

This was an absolutely killer hilarious game! I really enjoyed the art, music and humor and would love to see more stories about these characters.

Really promising demo! Loved the visuals and atmosphere.

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Really great demo! I enjoyed the art style, humor, and dynamic between the two characters, and would love to see more if there are plans to make this a bigger project.

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Really great stuff! I love your art style especially. Hoping to see more of Zalmona in future chapters.

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Any chance of this getting a Mac build? :o The browser version works fine, but it doesn't let me save. Love what I've played so far tho!

Awesome, I'll check it out, thank you!

Really enjoyed the art style, music and characters in this prototype. Is this project still being developed?

I played this after finding the demo of your other game and really enjoyed the atmosphere and story! Are there more endings besides Safe and True? It felt like there's more to the story I was missing.

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Really promising demo with some great visuals and interesting puzzles, although I'm still not entirely sure how I solved the combo for the puzzle with three paintings in the chapter 2 teaser. I can definitely see the Zero Escape and Danganronpa influence. Looking forward to the full release!

Really loved this promising little demo. Cute graphics, a nostalgic atmosphere and I'm looking forward to seeing a full release. Just one thing, I ran into a bug where the game would just freeze during dialogue, forcing me to restart the game. It happened twice:

1) when the player character left his room and commented on how chilly the air was

2) when the player interacted with the fridge in the axeman's house

This was a fun little game with a really nice, cozy atmosphere. Is there a way to progress after you max out reputation, or does that end the game?

Love this art, hoping to see an English version soon!

Loved the character designs and unique game mechanics.

Loved the story and art style of this. Will the original game be available on Mac at some point?

Really glad I stumbled on this game. Absolutely love the character art and concepts, especially Maine and June.

Really loved the atmosphere and art style in this!

Gorgeous art and game!

I'm on a Mac and I can't get the game to run, both on Browser and the app :(

Any chance this is getting a Mac demo?

Incredible game! I had such a great time with episode 2 and these updates can't come soon enough.

I played the first episode a while back and this follow-up was incredibly fun! Looking forward to more!

Is there any way to download the original version of this game? I wanted to replay it after trying the DC but I can't find a download for it.

As a big fan of Junji Ito, this was awesome.

In the original Junji Ito comic he just moves away. Presumably he experienced the same thing Mimi did when he peeked through the hole and hauled ass.

I played this and Incredible Furture and loved them both! The art style, characters and story felt very true to the original PA games, you've captured its unique universe perfectly.

Thanks for the reply!
I'm unzipping the demo like you said and opening this file:

After that I get a message saying the file can't be opened because the developer cannot be verified (which is normal and happens for anything I download on, I go to my settings to bypass this message, then when I try to open the file again it just crashes after a few seconds.

Let me know if there's something I'm doing wrong - I'm on OS Catalina by the way.

Hi! How can i get the Mac demo to run? I'm trying to open the Renpy file but it just crashes immediately.