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This game was really cute! I don't really play roleplaying/D&D type games but it was still easy to understand all the jokes and references. The premise makes for some funny and interesting dialogue, the characters are all fun and play off each other really well, and the writing is sharp. I also love the character/background art.

I do wish there was some music but I just played some medieval video game music while playing so it's all good.

Nice game. The pixel graphics were dope and the scene where you get captured by the priest was funny.

One thing though - on the description it says your decisions affect what happens in the sewers and in the ending. I was able to get the three different endings, but how do you get the sewer scene to change? I get the same thing each time.

Amazing game. Such a chilling story and lovely art. I finished all three endings, I don't think there's really a "good ending" per se, they're all pretty dark and sad in their own ways. I'm looking forward to checking out your other projects!

Great game! The story is solid and the puzzles were fun without being too hard (except for the sliding desks room which I needed a guide for lol).

Loved this game. I was expecting a funny meta horror story but it ended up being much more interesting than that.  I don't think I've ever played a game that existed beyond its game file. The concept is really fun and the writing is solid, I almost wish it was longer so that we could live in each part of the game just a little bit more.

Finally got around to playing this and I loved it. The atmosphere is palpable, the music and art style are both great and the whole thing really feels like a Junji Ito comic in visual novel form. You really captured how subtly unsettling his comics can be. Looking forward to a full release.

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I have a Mac so I played through WineBottler. It was working fine for the most part, but it seems to crash every time I interact with Mom after the glowing butterflies maze, when the graphic with "Die" flashes all over the screen :/

Anyway prior to the crash I thought it was a very solid game. Great writing, story and atmosphere. I also love the character art, each character feels really distinct and you really get a good sense of their personalities from their art and dialogue. I think I have enough to piece together most of the story but still I really would've liked to play the whole thing, might consider just watching a playthrough video instead. Regardless you did an awesome job!

I'm a sucker for small town paranormal stories. Love the art and music too but the game definitely feels incomplete. It's been a while since there's been any updates, is this still in development?

Also I clicked on your Tumblr and DANG you're the same person who does the Otherknown comic? Can't believe I found both your projects independently haha

This is a really cute game with intuitive mechanics and some nice graphics. My only issue is the days feel a little too short (might just be in the demo though) and sometimes when I build something, the game would trap me in an inconvenient spot.

Otherwise I'm looking forward to seeing the full game.

While the writing could use some light proofreading, I thought this was a really cute and fun game. I liked the K-pop idol setting, and a goatman detective with a slight disdain for humanity definitely made for an interesting main character.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got both the killer and murder weapon right. I'm glad it ended up being my least favorite character too.

Yeah,  I went on settings and allowed the file to run despite being from an unknown developer. It still wouldn't load.

Oh my bad I didn't know you can get a key from I'll go do that now, thanks!

Thanks for the response! Looking forward to the fix.

Yeah this was all after I extracted the ZIP download.  I only tried running the executable directly after the original file wouldn't work. I tried redownloading a few times and I keep getting the same error.

Let me know if I can get a Steam key instead!

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I'm trying to open it on my Mac and nothing's happening :/ I also tried going into package contents and opening the executable file directly but that didn't do anything either. Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: running the executable file indicates this file is missing: 

Application Support/com.cowcatgames.demetrios/game.ios

The demo's a bit short but I enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to seeing a full version if you ever finish this.

By the way, I think the game window on the browser version is a bit too small. On my browser it cuts the text off when its too long. The download version works fine though.

I really enjoyed the graphics and atmosphere here, it feels very mystical and occult-y, and the masks are really cool. I played twice and couldn't figure out who the Spirit was. Does it change with each playhrough?

This was a great game with some superb writing and a fun story, and a LOT of content for free. I was expecting a short 30 minutes-ish game but it lasted me hours. Definitely looking forward to more if you ever decide to make this a series. Awesome job!

One thing I didn't get though (SPOILERS BELOW)

Towards the end, Harper claims that the reason Angela couldn't be dead is because Warren already proved she was in the photo the influencer took, but I don't remember Warren actually proving that. In fact I don't remember ever determining who that figure was. Did I completely space out on this part, or was it scrapped from the story?

I enjoyed the characters and writing. I think the GUI and controls could be a bit more polished however.

Also just so you know, in Case 1 if you enter the dive bar and talk to Hot Dog Guy, he spoils the case before you actually solve it. And in Case 3 if you look at the People of Interest folder on your computer, it spoils the supervillain.

This was a hilarious game with some super sharp writing. I would love a full length game or even a series with the same characters and humor.

Some of my favorite lines:

"detention industrial complex"

"big dairy"

"these booboos are on the inside"

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The pixel art looks amazing! I'm looking forward to play this. I hope there's a Mac build (pun not intended).

I'm stuck - after I enter my name, the first screen says "Testing how low you can go" and the Next/Skip buttons don't work, and there isn't anything else to click on. Is this a glitch or am I missing what to do?

I absolutely love the absurd and nihilistic humor in this.

I was really enjoying the game but I ran into the same problem the other commenter had where the dialogue kept on looping. It's too bad because I really wanted to see the ending.

This was fun, but was the game supposed to end as soon as you enter the final door? It seemed like there was something missing.

I enjoyed it. Is there more than one ending?

I really want to play this but the Mac version won't open for some reason.

I enjoyed the demo. Was this project canceled?

I'm stuck at the screen with Mr Frisby's rest stop and it won't let me walk any further. Not sure if I missed a step or if this is a glitch. I'm on a Mac btw.

Thanks for the response. Hope to see something soon!

That's too bad, but thanks for the response.

Any chance this is getting a Mac release?

Any chance this is getting a MAC release?

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I'd love to play this. Any chance this is getting a MAC OS release?

This was pretty cute. I like how the dream scenes seem to hint at something darker for the story's future. Is this still being developed? There hasn't been an update in a while...