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Fun game and I love these character designs.

In the first room I found the number on the map, the clock and the toilet, how do you find the fourth number? I'm guessing it has something to do with the sink, but after I got hot water in it nothing happened and I swear I've clicked every possible thing in the room.

Love this so far, there was a lot more content than I was expecting from a demo and this seems like a very promising meta RPG game. Looking forward to the full release!

I got this same error but managed to get it to work by dragging the game from the DMG window to my Desktop and starting it from there.

This was incredibly cute! I'd love to see more paranormal adventures with this crew.

Great game! Lovely story, endearing characters and the creepy bits felt very Lovecraft but at a kid's birthday party.

Any chance of this getting a Mac demo?

Enjoyed this series a lot more than I thought I would. It's got a really great art style, a strange mix of whimsical and twisted humor, and endearing characters. Sparky is best boy.

Cool demo, but the Mac version crashes every time I finish the cutscene after the battle with Mr Duck.

A little short but I really enjoyed this so far, like all the other commenters I love the art style especially. I don't really have a sense of where the story is going but I'm definitely interested to find out.

This was a really cute demo with great writing and music. I played through all three demo routes and I enjoyed Bronco's the most. Looking forward to seeing updates/the full game!

Great game, I randomly found this while browsing itch's Most Recent section and I'm glad I did because I really enjoyed it. Love the artstyle and story, and the atmosphere was as calm and peaceful as it was slightly disconcerting. Awesome job!

Really cool game with great atmosphere and visuals. The game so far feels like it could be a standalone but I'm still looking forward to seeing more from this project.

The demo was a little short but I really liked the atmosphere and art style. The mechanic of transforming into your enemy is also pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing more from this game!

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Great platformer, the gameplay is addicting and I love the pixel art and character designs. I've played through the demo like three times already lol

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Thanks so much!! This worked perfectly, not only for this game in particular but also some other games I've had trouble opening on my Mac. I'm not sure why this issue keeps popping up ever since I upgraded to Catalina but you're a lifesaver!

No worries, thanks for the reply!

Any chance of this getting a Mac release?

The Mac demo won't open for me :( Is this compatible with OS Catalina?

Any chance of this getting a MAC OS release at some point?

Is this only available on Windows?

Ah okay. That's sad but thanks for the response!

I'm on Mac OS Catalina and the Mac demo doesn't seem to be working for me. I keep getting an error message that the game can't be opened :c

Sounds good, thank you!

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm on OS Catalina. I'm not sure if it would work in this particular case but I had a previous experience where a game launched sucessfully through Steam even though the direct file on didn't work.

The Mac version won't open on my end :( I know the game's available on Steam as well, any chance I could get a Steam key?


Any chance these games are getting a Mac OS release? I'm an idiot and bought the pack without realizing it was for Windows only at the moment. Thanks!

Mac version is a bit glitchy. After reading Sparky's letter and transporting to the Lavender Town tower, anytime I try to move I keep getting an error, and I'm assuming to progress I need to go down the bloody stairs but the game won't let me.

Any chance this is getting a Mac version? The game seems cool and the art style is really interesting.

I thought this was an incredibly cool and unique game. The file directory aspect was intuitive and seamless and I'm glad there was a reset button in case I ever messed up. I do wish it was a little longer and had more of a narrative since it felt like it was just scratching the surface of the real story. Awesome job though!

Has the Mac version been taken down? The file is completely empty :c

I played the original Detective Grimoire games years ago and I'm thrilled that the series is still going on. Love how the music in the trailer reminds me of the music from Secret of the Swamp too. 

Can't wait to play this!

This is a really cute game, it's a great use of RPG Maker and I really enjoyed your writing. And despite being about a ghost I found the story really wholesome, I especially love the parts where you get to make the animals feel nice about themselves c: 

I haven't been able to complete the game though, which I think is due to the glitches below:

- The game crashes when I go to Menu, Options, then press Escape to return to Menu.

- The Horses (Farm) and Picking Rocks (Mountains) quests can't be completed for me. The NPC's dialogue carries on as if they've been completed, but they still show up as Available on the Quests menu. I think this is stopping me from progressing in the game as I can't find what I'm supposed to do next.

- Not sure if this was on purpose, but the game never allowed me to save at any point. Kinda frustrating if I have to go back to the start each time.

Despite these issues though I really enjoyed the game. Nice job!

Really interesting game, I loved the art style and premise. Super creepy atmosphere too with the looping voices in the background. Awesome job!

Great game. I played through all the endings and the writing was always sharp and funny, and the mechanics are a really creative use of Renpy (I didn't even realize it was a Renpy game until the very end). The characters are great too and play off of each other really well, I love their dynamic together and would love to see them in another game sometime.

Awesome job!

The game seems promising but it's pretty glitchy. I keep getting the error message "WebGL Contest Lost, please refresh the page"