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thanks for the links. I shall check them out. 

I set up exits but they aren't progressing to the next room.

I think I need an example or a step by step to understand it. If there is one that’s clear that you can refer me to, I’d love to read it. 

I've noticed. It was weird.

That answers a "what do I use to write variables" question. What I really need to know is how one writes variables in the platform. There aren't clear instructions on how to do so in Bitsy.

I figured it out. I wasn't firmly clicking on the right place.

I'm experiencing an issue where I can't add multiple exits to a room. I have the multiple rooms built but the web app nor the local app let me add them. Please help.

How do I write a variable, though?

Here's mine.

Hi all,

I'm new to Bitsy and I'm struggling in creating variables. Trying to create one where when a player has all four items, it triggers a specific ending when the user goes to the ending point. Suggestions would be incredibly helpful.