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Invadable Harmony

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You're welcome :)

Thanks so much, I'm very happy you enjoyed them!

I'm currently working on a new fantasy album that I'll release as a music pack too, so stay tuned! :)

Hi Stephan, yes you can use whatever track from this pack on your game. You're free to use the full pack if you'd like. Thanks for the credits! 

Rating, reviewing and sharing is also appreciated. :)

You're welcome! Thanks for letting me know :)

My pleasure! Thanks for sharing :)

Your game looks awesome. Thanks for giving me credit!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for letting me know :) 

Thanks!! :) 

I use Fl Studio. 

Happy to hear that. Enjoy! :)

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My pleasure! I'm happy to help ;)

Thank you!

Appreciate it :) I'm glad to help! 

I'm a female composer btw ^^

Thanks so much my friend!! :D I'm very glad you enjoyed my music. It's always a pleasure to inspire others this way. Wish you the very best as well! :)

So happy to hear that!! I'm glad you enjoyed this pack :D

My pleasure! ^^ Feel free to tell me about your project if you end up using my music. :)

Thank you so much! Happy you like my music :)