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Hello. We've fixed this problem, download the latest version!

Hello. We've fixed this problem, download the latest version!

Hi. Just launch on your dedicated GPU.

Yep, we try to release Ubuntu build on this week.


Controls are in a bad state now indeed. We'll rework them completely once our campaign ends.

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Hello, thanks for the detailed feedback!

As we've mentioned earlier, keyboard controls were cut out not so long ago because they caused plenty of bugs. It's temporary and doesn't reflect how the game is intended to be played. All shortcuts and hotkeys will be added to the game as soon as we fix the aforementioned issues.

Your quality of life suggestions make sense, I'll write them down.

Speaking of writing, it's mostly translation issue. Cutscene dialogues weren't proofreaded by the native speaker, because they were alredy voiced by that time, but the rest of the game (e.g. item and skills description) is pretty much final. Did some of those still feel like a placeholder?

Red shields reflect stat penalties because of item's low durability.

Modes are in a very early iteration currently. They will be improved in the future. Items drop out because our game currently doesn't have any save system, so it's temporary as well. Changing mouse cursor in  FOW is a known bug, we'll fix that.

As a temporary measure, you can  Alt+Enter to play it full-screen.

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ToME4 is one of our favorite games. Keyboard controls were cut out like a week before the release due to some nasty bugs they produced, which couldn't be quickly fixed. It's a temporary measure. We'll need to rewrite a big chunk of the core game's code to fix it. Current state of affairs isn't how game controls were intented to be.

Multiplayer is very unlikely. It's a very classic-styled turn-based game, its pace won't work well with multiplayer.

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Hello, and thanks for the game coverage! The game isn't that hard, it's mostly about understanding your possibilities and how things around work, so you can perform better the more you know.

Anyway, we're going to release a balance update soon, and it'll lower a difficulty curve a little. Maybe you'd want to give it a try one more time then.