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Great prototype! Tight controls, fun mechanics and precise platforming. I had a blast playing it. Has some rough edges, but is an overall solid first attempt. I really adore the art style. I'd love to see more in the future!

The Gameplay didn't keep me interested for long and the controls are very janky and frustrating at times. The game did nothing to set itself apart. I reckon it's a mere proof of concept, but it didn't impress. Has potential, needs polishing.

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Prime example of what story-driven games can be. You chose to work with a very clichéd topic and managed to make it not about your typical zombie apocalypse, but about the player and his dire situation. You made me feel very invested in my character and the world he struggles to survive in. I also love the way it was presented to me - both visually and auditorily. It was very good, looking forward to seeing more of you!