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indieTree Games

A member registered Sep 21, 2015

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I am not happy with myself for packaging this game in an installer. I would take down this game if I still had access to the account. I am recommending that nobody plays this game just as a precautionary measure and to wait for DISEASED: Retribution (my current project). All my future projects will be packaged in a .zip folder which is the way it should have been from the beginning. Sorry for any inconvenience.

PLEASE READ, IMPORTANT: indieTree Games is the developer of DISEASED Free!! (1.1) and we recommend that NOBODY plays this version of diseased. It is missing some important optimization and the important code that controls the amount of diseased spawning. Plus I am not a fan of using installers anymore as I prefer my games to not make any changes to the systems directories (everything stays in .zip files from now on with my current project). I no longer have access to the account here on so I am unable to remove this game from the site. I can only comment here and recommended that you do NOT play this version and wait for DISEASED: Retribution (my current project) to be released. Though this game should not cause any harm to your system, as a precaution I am recommending that you SHOULD NOT play this old version of diseased.

Sorry for any inconvenience and have a great day :)