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All keys have been sent out by email. Please email support with proof of purchase if you did not receive an email.

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Normally, you should be able to  find the downloaded .apk file in your My Files App if you downloaded it from  To get the game onto your Oculus Quest will need to sideload the .apk file to your Oculus.  To sideload the file, you will need to use the SideQuest App which needs to be installed on your Samsung Galaxy.  Please follow this online tutorial made by our friends at Sidequest - 

Hopefully this will get you going. 

If you purchased the game from, you will still have the ability to re-download the .apk file.  It may be easier to re-download your purchase from the Sidequest App, I can see from our records that you have already downloaded the game a few times already.  We hope that the game will be made available directly from the Oculus store in 6 weeks.  We will be sending all customers who have paid for the game a free licence key when it is released on Oculus App Labs.

While we recommend to do this using a PC.  It is also possible via mobile.  What model do you have?

Could you make a small video demonstrating the issue and send it through to, and we can see what the problem is for you.  Thanks

Hi Ryan, have you managed to resolve your issue?  To enter into QuickFire mode, you need to select the screen button "QuickFire" with your Oculus Touch controller and pull the trigger to enter.

Hi! Please follow every step in this video. Let us know how you get on!

Great!  Hope you enjoy it!

Please send an email to with your exact issue and we will try to resolve it for you.  Thanks

Thanks for the support @Avenge!

Hi hbnmj, 

the game on Sidequest is pending approval.  In the meantime, you need to purchase the game through our account here.  You will receive and email with a download link for the .apk package.  Put your Oculus into developer mode (Device Settings/Advanced Settings) via the Oculus App on your phone .  Then with your Oculus connected to your PC use the Sidequest app to sideload the .apk package on your Oculus Device.  The game will be listed in your Unknown Sources.

There is a link to a tutorial video in a previous response below.

Please check your email, you should receive a download link.

Thanks for purchasing!  If you have a mobile and a USB-C to USB-C cable, you should be able to sideload the apk package using this method. There is currently no option to install the game from the Oculus until it is released on App Lab.

You need to sideload the game onto your Oculus Quest device.  Easiest way is to use the Sidequest app - see tutorial here.